Another World is Here…

Take a stand with us as we make history to secure this mission for good!  Resources comes in all shapes and forms.  Check out our wish list  or plan your visit and see if you have or could otherwise connect us to any of the resources we need to craft our collective vision of the future <3

Looking for creative community & natural space to plant longterm shared dreams in Upstate NY?

We believe that a mindful presence and permanent magical culture can save ourselves and the world. We ARE the Ancestors of the Future.

What Legacy will we leave behind? Join us in remaking our world together— come practice apocalypse, project utopia & celebrate possibility…

Be part of this nature preserve, community center, Jedi School of the Ancient Future and a place for YOU to skill up on what really matters in life. Get some fresh air, join us to co-create our camp-US with weekend workshops, permaculture skillshares & transformative events.

Membership opens the gateway to a world of alternatives, solutions & celebrations.

We are Mother Earth.  We are Standing Rock, Occupy and Idle No More. We are Rainbow and we Burn. We are everyone, everywhere, surprise us. We are here to occupy the future for the benefit of all sentient beings, get used to it.

Where frontline activists mix with artists healers farmers and our growing member-base supports on-the-ground community regenerative practices— with far-reaching implications about how we will survive in the years ahead. With a sacred covenant for caretaking this land for future generations. We will continue to demonstrate how best practices can be conveyed throughout a population of players and prayers for a better world, every day.

Only have a few minutes? Enjoy any of the videos in our “38 seconds w/ARC38” video series playlist!

Reality: accept no substitute. Don’t settle to live vicariously, told for us by rumors & glowing screens to direct our idea of what is important in life. There is no substitute for direct action, community interaction, whole-hearted engagement and immersive education.

Let us Unlearn the ways which have kept us from achieving our potential as a society. Now more than ever, people are ready for an overdue Systems Upgrade. We need to stop loading the programs of the Old Paradigm and choose more consciously the systems by which we make our living & build community together.


At Arc38 we try to actively participate in the formation of the new economy. We recognize that if distribution of resources, capital, and labor is based on a system of competition, scarcity, and isolation— society will continue to suffer. For a new economy of open exchange based on consciousness, cooperation, and community to become a reality, it would have to start locally and be organized by bioregional understanding. Agriculture is the foundation upon which our future will unfold. With a global view of world economics, we see that when you help others you help yourself.

We would like to extend one hand forward to provide support and cooperation to all that would accept our friendship. And we would also like to extend our second hand to openly receive any help that you can offer. We have a lot of plans, and our resources (though managed well) are few. Here is a list of what we can always use more of. Feel free to contact us, send packages, or bring any of these items by! We’re listed on Google Maps or you can send packages to us securely at:  ARC38 PO Box 373 Wassaic, NY 12592

Please CONTRIBUTE where possible take a look at our:  IMMEDIATE WISHLIST

Thanks for any help you can be in helping us to meet our immediate needs!

Journey to Save the House!

The Journey so far (updates from beginning of the campaign) has been miraculous, and the story continues:

HOLYSMOKES we did the impossible!!!! Again.

In an epic turn of events that came down to the final stretch, thanks to everybody who have made it very clear that people believe in this project to their core…

After a night of prayer and a morning offering, we rode into Poughkeepsie for the open auction when we found… cops directing traffic and the power out at the Courthouse and County Buildings?!?  Turns out that same day there were underground electric fires which meant we were alone when the auctioneer came to proclaim the property for sale.

At 1:38 PM on January 10th, we managed to roll up to the auction in style, claim back our castle, the 10 bedroom house, our sole residential property central to this expansive operation. We put down a 10% deposit down on the bank’s reserve price of $238,000, ensuring the house went 2 Arc38 – You can’t make this stuff up! WOOHOOOOO!!

In order to show off the power of our community, resilient even undergoing such tests as the past year has presented us, we held prayer in the house and offered tobacco at the White Pine tree, even asking some participants to join us in a “mannequin challenge” to walk supporters through the property we were trying to save… it does look better now, renovation TBA!

Finally, on April 25, 2017 (having finalized details on all bridge loans, secured loans, donations, legal fees, house insurance and other provisions) ARC-38, Inc. was able to complete the purchase and close on the house, for the entire remainder of the 90%, which at that point also had to include the entire remainder of the forest mortgage property to combine with the house, with which it was never subdivided, and fortunately never had to be subdivided.

 Read more in posts from our Facebook Page thread posts as the drama unfolded…


Arc 38 is a not-for-profit intentional community situated on over 188 acres of protected wetland, agricultural property and forested hills teeming with biodiversity.

Located in the beautiful Harlem Valley in Amenia, New York, we’re a mere 2 hours from New York city, directly adjacent to the last stop of the MetroNorth Harlem Line. Being within such easy access of big cities, and so close to the Appalachian Trail, has opened opportunities for many diverse people to experience our vision.

With its roots firmly grounded in activism, sustainability, agriculture, building networks, spirituality, philosophy and radical pacifism, ARC 38 strives to embody a living experiment in community building. Our experiment upholds diverse principles of many models for society developed throughout history and attempts to modernize them, creating a manner of transition to new ways of living. In doing this we hope to provide a support system to help people in need throughout the greater community outside of Arc 38 and build a model which others may use to help other communities all over the globe.

To foster a community in which we can all find self expression, empowerment, spirituality, purpose, responsibility, and understanding. We strive to live in a simplistic and sustainable manner by implementing social ideas and resourceful projects. Ever moving toward a peaceful coexistence of natural biodiversity and human society. Key components of this deep Consideration have been a meditation for us who dwell in this particular coincidence:

is a noun describing an environment containing a myriad of organisms that are different from one another, though resilient these environments are also highly sensitive and responsive to change. Our community is one of biodiversity in life forms, life styles and life well lived. Through our goals and values we cultivate and allow for a wide variety of organisms and cultures to share habitat and enrich our environment, uplifting one another and all things sentient.

is very important to us. We wish to create community by facilitating places where people are able to collaborate, share thoughts, feelings, space and resources to help promote personal and mutual growth, stability and overall well being.

for us means the active and efficient motions of contributing thoughts and actions toward the betterment of our circumstances, of our own selves, of the Arc 38 community, of the greater community and of humanity as a whole.

refers to responsible planning, tending to our environment (natural and domestic) and managing resources mindfully. Striving to consciously improve everything we interact with for the greatest good.

encompasses all things and means that something is able to continue on without running into scarcity, the ability to sustain it’s running without tiring out or to sustain it’s way of life without need for more. Conducting ourselves and our projects in manners which eliminate waste, produce and provide abundance without destruction and hold mindfulness of our finite resources. Implementing practices that are mindful to the environment and working with nature to responsibly use the resources it provides.

is being truly present to ourselves and our perceptions, the ability to be more mindful of one another, realizing the gift of each presence we share space with. Giving awareness to see without judgement and nourish the value in all those we meet.

entails aiming to know one’s self for how we really are, to truly know, without judgement, our flaws and attributes. To be conscious of how we share ourselves, for in self-expression there is freedom. Acknowledging and embracing our true selves helps us progress, providing the individual with deeper internal understanding, making it easier for the external world to better understand each individual.

is being clear with your intentions, actions and motivations by communication and positive examples to the community. To be transparent is to be unhindered by fear of rejection, it is honesty and how we gain trust and form meaningful relationships with one another.

means considering impact and reception, forming clear thought before speaking, studying before trying new things, planning before taking action. Ensuring we stay true to our goals, create clear instructions and complete supplies lists and task lists before moving forward. Such as proposing new projects coherently in a worded structure and submitting it for a majority community approval.

is having the presence of mind to develop an awareness and understanding of differences. This includes fully listening with the intent of understanding and being gracious in our expressions and interactions.

is taking ownership and responsibility for our actions and neglections. This includes acknowledging and making preparations for falling short of commitments and intentions.

In Geometry an arc is any unbroken part of the circumference of a circle or other curved line. In Electricity, it is the luminous bridge formed between the gap of two electrodes. In astronomy it is the part of a circle representing the apparent course of a heavenly body. It is also in general, anything bow-shaped. The name arc means that we strive to be an unbroken part of a whole movement, to be the energy that connects many nodes, to be the rainbow promise of new hope arching over the ark of Noah, to think forward into the future of the planet, and to be pulled taut with an arrow well aimed into that future.

The number 3 is the number of dynamic creation. It is two coming together to make and hold a third above themselves. If we are to hold our ideas above ourselves to create a more playful, abundant, and fertile world we must use the power of 3, the number of Jupiter, god of fortune, the sky and thunder.

The number 8 is the strong external and revolutionary spiral which is the supreme signature of the universe and all evolutionary systems. It is the number of Saturn, the god of agriculture, liberation, and time. It represents itself using the symbol of infinity. It is the number of electrons that noble gasses have in their valence shells. We use eight as a symbol of order, and strength.

The 38th chapter of the Tao Te Ching reads:

One of subtle universal virtue is not conscious of being virtuous,
therefore, he is truly virtuous.
One of partial virtue attempts to live up to an external standard of virtue,
therefore, he is not truly virtuous.

One of whole virtue does not need to do anything in order to be virtuous,
because virtue is the very essence of one’s true nature.
But, one of partial virtue believes that something must be done in order to prove that he is virtuous.
Thus, partial virtue becomes prevalent when people fail to follow their own true nature.

Benevolence becomes prevalent when people fail to be naturally kind.
Etiquette becomes prevalent when people fail to be righteous and considerate.
When people find no response with etiquette,
they roll up their sleeves and force others to respond to them.

When people stray from the subtle way of universal nature,
they can no longer perceive their own true nature.
Thus, they emphasize relative virtue.

When natural virtue is lost,
society depends on the doctrine of humanism.
When humanity becomes corrupted,
social and religious teachings appear and become powerful forces.
When social and religious teachings become corrupted,
what is left behind is the empty shell of superficial ceremonies and artificial etiquette.
When etiquette is emphasized,
it is because people lack the simple qualities of fairness and kindness.

This is the starting point of people of confusion.
All of these man-made, partial virtues are merely superficial flowers, a false nature.
When people begin to move away from their own true nature,
it is the beginning of hypocrisy.

Therefore, one who integrates his own individual being with the deep nature of the universe sets his heart upon the root of reality rather than the husk, and upon the nourishment of the fruit rather than the fleeting beauty of the flowers.
Truly, he cherishes what is deep within rather than what is shallow without.
Knowing this, he knows what to accept and what to reject.

Rules and Guidelines


Our Rules and Guidelines exist as a manner of keeping the community safe for the many people, animals, insects and environment the community exists upon.

As a community of diverse people it is quite common to run into disputes which are difficult to solve.

Over the years there have been a few very basic guidelines to provide an atmosphere of protection and peace.

As time went on we were able to come to consensus on finalizing a drafted list which upholds our common vision, mission, goals and values.

This list serves as our basic solution to ensuring all at ARC 38 goes well.

1a) Individuals are solely responsible for their bodies and personal belongings. The community is not liable for injuries or damaged/missing property.

1b) All community belongings must remain on Arc 38 property and returned to their designated place when not in direct use unless otherwise voted by the community.

1c) If you find something unattended that you wish to utilize you must request permission from the owner or bring it up during a meeting.

1d) If you see tools or supplies being stored or used inappropriately you are responsible to correct the situation and inform the community.

1e) Personal belongings left in community spaces that are not intended for community use will be removed and relocated to the lost and found bin after 48 hours of observation. Property in bin will be brought to the attention of the community during meetings to discover proper ownership and/or placement of the item. Items that remain unclaimed for over a month are offered up for community use or personal grabs. If multiple people want the same thing they can decide possession by a fair game of chance.


2a) The acts of lying, deceit, manipulation, fraud, coercion, conspiracy, provocation and any other psychologically destructive behaviours committed against the will of individuals and/or the community shall not be tolerated.

2b) Property theft of any sort may incur a search of your personal spaces and belongings following a meeting in which this is agreed upon as the right course of action.

2c) Non-consensual purposeful physical harm forced upon others against their will shall ultimately lead to a permanent ban from the Arc 38 and it’s grounds unless otherwise noted in a meeting. The first two occurrences of such an act incur warning, the third calls for permanent ban.

2d) Substances considered illegal by New York State Law are not permitted upon the grounds, responsible alcohol consumption is to be permitted by persons over 21 but is not encouraged. This community wishes to harbor a safe environment for all individuals, neighbors and the community.



3a) Wastefulness shall not be tolerated. If you see others committing repeated unsustainable actions, please address the issue with individual/group and bring it to the attention of the community.

3b) Exclusively personal food items must be labeled with your name and the purchase/storage date or they could be eaten or composted by someone else.

3c) Wilderness foraging must be done responsibly and at your own risk. You must only remove 3/4th at most of what you find so the organism can sustain itself and reproduce. Harvest only those foods and medicinal herbs which you may properly process in a timely manner as not to waste after harvest.


4a) Campsites left unoccupied for one month will be checked for perishables and items at risk of damage. The individual will be notified and the community shall designate a specific individual to undertake the check.

4b) At the beginning of October, each year, all who have a campsite remaining will be notified to dismantle their campsite by the end of the month. After October 30th any remaining campsite will be dismantled and property will be distributed through the remaining community. If you are at risk please remove your campsite as soon as possible or contact an individual who can remove your campsite and your belongs from the property. Arc 38 is willing to offer some assistance.

4c) No sentient beings are to be drove off, harmed, hunted, trapped or fished on Arc 38 grounds unless otherwise stated in a meeting.

4d) Stewardship of the wilderness means to preserve natural beauty and protect living organisms. Please refrain from destroying and altering the natural habitat, keeping our impact low preserves our home.


5a) Regular member meetings will be held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you are working on the grounds and will not be able to attend a meeting please notify someone ahead of time. A notebook will be designated for acknowledging those in attendance, topics discussed, progress report and seasonal topics of focus.

5b) Proposing group projects to the community is a serious undertaking and requires consensus, transparency, group mentality, allowing group contribution and a simple process. The process begins by first stating an idea during meetings to check for initial approval, disagreement, discrepancies, opinions and suggestions. After the initial discussion there should be information gathered to draft a written proposal, this includes stating a goal, instruction, compiling a supply list and the physical tasks which must be undertaken or delegated. This process continues until the proposal is approved during a physical meeting or any means of telecommunication, whether physical or not is to be determined ahead of time and the community is to remain informed.

5c) Members have 3 days to respond/vote on proposals or they will be exempt from the vote. If the community is notified of inability to participate ahead of time this can be extended until the member is able to participate. However, the community may determine a final date by which extension may no longer be applied in order to address time sensitive proposals.

5d) If a meeting comes to agreement on a proposal though the community was not properly informed of the proposal nor the date or means by which the discussion is taking place then the proposal shall be null.

6a) Visitation to the community by persons without membership is limited to 72 hours. If persons without membership wish to be here for longer than 72 hours they must either contribute physical labor, physical resources or monetary resources depending on the persons ability and community approval.

6b) It is good to inform the community of possible visitation one week ahead of the date of which a person wishes to visit in order to address accommodations.

6c) Members who wish to bring visitors must also announce their visitors ahead of time and ensure their visitors are properly accommodated for.