Autonomous Resilient Community
ARC 38
Welcome to Arc 38, our portal to the ancient future!

Looking forward to the community we can build together, as we each choose to bring forth our puzzle piece in this world.

Wilderness Stewardship
We’ve been maintaining our gardens, trails and campsites while working with nature to protect our forest and marshland, keeping them alive and well!
Community Building
Forging friendships and alliances empowers our common goals and gives each individual the power of many!
Sustainable Agriculture
Biointensive, biodynamic, companion planting, seed saving, composting, propagation, herb drying, agroforestry and more!
Events and Workshops
Workshops for education, events for consciousness expansion and much more to come!
Striving to Reach
The Ancient Future
Arc 38 is a Non Profit entity situated on about 180 acres of protected wetland, agricultural property and forested hills teeming with biodiversity.  Ready to make it happen?  Sign up now with our new Application!

With its roots firmly grounded in activism, sustainability, agriculture, building networks, spirituality, philosophy and radical pacifism, Arc 38 strives to embody a living experiment in community building. Our experiment embodies the principles of many models for society developed throughout history and attempts to modernize them.

We hope to provide a support system to help people in need and build a model to help other communities all over the globe.

About Arc 38

What is Arc 38?

How did it form?

What does it uphold?

What does it mean?

What does it do?

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Arcadian Mission

To foster a community in which we can all find self expression, empowerment, spirituality, purpose, responsibility, and understanding. We strive to live in a simplistic and sustainable manner by implementing social ideas and resourceful projects. Ever moving toward a peaceful coexistence of natural biodiversity and human society.

Arcadian Goals






Arcadian Values


Self Awareness






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