Another World is Here…

Reality: accept no substitute. Don’t settle for rumors, or live your precious human existence vicariously. There is no substitute for direct action, whole-hearted engagement and immersive education.

Let us Unlearn the ways which have kept us from achieving our potential as a society. Now more than ever, people are ready for an overdue Systems Upgrade. We need to stop loading the programs of the Old Paradigm and choose more consciously the systems we use to make our living and build community together.

Support us now and take a stand with us as we make history to secure this mission for good!  Resources comes in all shapes and forms.  Check out our wish list and see if you have or could otherwise connect us to any of the resources we need to craft our collective vision of the future <3

Do you have land Upstate NY?  Now you can!

We believe that a mindful presence and permanent magical culture can save ourselves and the world.

We ARE the Ancestors of the Future. What Legacy will you leave behind? Join us in remaking our world together? Practice Apocalypse & celebrate possibility.

Be part of this nature preserve, community center, Jedi School of the Ancient Future and a place for YOU to skill up on what really matters in life. Get some fresh air, join us for some amazing workshops & transformative events.

Membership for $38 opens the gateway to a world of alternatives, solutions & celebrations.

We are Mother Earth.  We are Standing Rock.  We are here to occupy the future for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Frontline activists mix with a growing member-base supports on-the-ground community with far-reaching implications about how we will survive in the years ahead. With a sacred covenant for caretaking this land for future generations. We will continue to demonstrate how best practices can be conveyed throughout a population of players and prayers for a better world, every day.