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38 Principles



When we stopped hearing the beating of our Mother’s heart, we forgot who we were. Here, we remember!

This is the abiding principle that grounds our every action and guides our decisions. The covenant is a Bill of Rights of human occupancy of wildlands. It’s an agreement to honor the rights of the Earth by cherishing her creatures, plants, animals, minerals, waters, soil.

We salute our systematic counterparts, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.

We Are Mother Earth is a cooperative of organizations uniting people around establishing Earth Rights and weaving ecovillages into conservancy.

Arc 38 is to be a model in the We Are Mother Earth web of preserving the ancient future… keeping this land vibrant for all the generations to come.


We live in abundance. Scarcity is a thing of the past. With gratitude in all our actions we don’t take for granted our relationship to Mother Earth. There is more than enough for everybody, and we are each so very lucky to be alive at this moment in time. We practice infinite gratitude daily. We look at life with contentment and by living into our blossoming story, we create inner peace. We have everything we need. We feed each other gratitude for dessert, and then we have dessert.


You and only you are in charge of your next move! You are a superstar, a peacemaker, a lightworker! You are in charge of yourself, and free and encouraged to make your own choices. Each person has freedom and independence to make choices. Autonomy depends on a system of trust; you understand that you are part of an interconnected web of individuals and communities. We have a responsibility to the web of life we are a part of and to our collective human purpose.


Resilience is the measure of the strength of a system to exist over time under stress cycles. You are encouraged to be persistent! Master the art of the comeback! Bounce back. Stuff goes wrong all the time. The ability to adapt and drive through changes – to preserve your way of life and grow culture — is what will ultimately sustain us. Here, we operate with hope and belief embedded, so there is never a “failure.”


A new generation of activists has emerged, and we are using not anger and rejection, but creativity and passionate advocacy! This means using our creative gifts to inspire the evolution of consciousness. We believe that we are all activists and we are all artists. Both activism and art come in an endless array of colors — this is a place to discover more of that, and to distinguish your stance, assert it, or your fluidity in beliefs. It’s a place to develop your art, discover yourself as an artist in more ways, each time you visit and out on the court.


Ohmmmmmm. We are creating a pure, clean new system of exhcange based in the principles of Ayna, a sacred exchange. This is about recognizing other people’s value in Ohms. Welcome to a new fun way to deal with money! We are here to exercise our earth-given rights to self-governance. We’re saying Bye Felicia to a stressful controlling money system. Here we pay by ohms. We believe that collective energy towards a future that excites and inspires us is the currency of the soul. We want to deal in simpler terms. By becoming part of this culture, you are agreeing to terms of ohms.


We encourage a deep listening to the natural forces unfolding, and the wisdom of the great mystery. Follow your bliss and your passion and your curiosity, always be doing you. Drop your ego! Dance! Sing out loud! Self expression is a sacred expression of spirit and it matters. Better out than in! By tuning into and releasing the spirits within, combined with the spirits of the land, the spirit is truly alive! Thus: there is no restrictive definitive notion of what is “sacred.”


Geni Loci = genius of the location. Every place has its own unique spirits, the specific convergence of energetic intelligence in a space over time. This is the umbrella spirit of our FARMING and FORESTRY flowosophy. This land is very fertile, and we strive to live off the land as much as possible, to eat from earth and give back to her, to get to know our generous corner of the globe, and give it love. We create in reverence to the native traditions and indigenous peoples. We take care of animals and we do not kill any sentient beings on the premises.


It’s the last stop on the train…. Come ready to be transformed inside and out! This is an invitation to embody archetypes. This is a retreat to shed versions of yourself, peel back the layers and come back into yourself more full embodied and conscious. You’re changing your reality by the way we are in the community. We are always transforming others in this station, a container for growth. This is a place to transform! Your attitude, your reality, your clothes. This is a maturing process of developing a deep connection to the natural world. Change Your Outfit, Change The World!

10.  We encourage LEADERSHIP

This serves as a place to develop you a leader, using your natural born talents. We create the space here for anybody with a mission, a dream, an idea, a passion, an inkling of wisdom, to step up into their calling and be a leader. This is a place to ground your ::magic::, and lead by DOING. AND Facilitation.  In French, FACILE means “easy.” We want to make it super easy for you to facilitate a group encourage everybody here to take on facilitation opportunities. Scripted and unscripted, be it to relocate a group from the Pyramid to Unlearning Center with a sense of adventure, or moving a dinner table to express gratitude to one another. Being mindful of grace, timing, and empowering other people in their own leadership, consider yourself one who is developing yourself as a leader in your own unique sense, the moment your step onto campus.


Community is built on Communication – this is of utmost importance. We uphold a safe, judgement-free space for open communication – you can share your feelings! You can share your weirdness. We hold a standard of Radical Honesty with a foundation of compassion. You can be truthful and simple about what you want and don’t want, like and don’t like. Here, we invite you to co-create new codes of communication to serve our needs — this extends to body language and all the ways we navigate our shared world. Our goal around this is to develop being a safe space together through clarity.


Human bodies require touch – it’s one of the primary senses by which we access and know the world. We are an undertouched society, and that exacerbated deprivation is a cause for much disease and sickness. Human touch activates us in a way that makes us more alive, and we definitely want people here feeling very alive! It’s time to get “touch” out of the Creepy category, and out of the over-sexualized hype.  We dedicate Mondays here to Massage, to methodology, to touch. We share body wisdom, we give and receive bodywork. We attune to our own healing energy, and we are the clearing for others to step into their healing powers. Always abiding by Clever Clear Consent Communication, we establish a culture of better circulation, relaxation and flow.


This is a place where we encourage daily conscious efforts placed in doing acts of kindness.  Acts that will leave people surprised, delighted, filled up with joy, grateful to be alive, with hope for the future! We strive to do gestures that leave others feeling more awake in their skin. Make the strange familiar, the familiar stranger. We are all a family, we must uplift one another! It’s a lifestyle of Embracing Your Awesome.

14. MAKE it FUN!

As a rule, we like to see how much fun we can have. As Mark Twain put it, “Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing conditions.” We embrace the fun side of a situation. Laughter is the spice! No need to cool it, keep on giggling. In this internet culture of gamification, we encourage real-life gamification for conflict resolution and making the mundane ::magical::.  Fun can take a lot of forms. With humor and humility, we let it go.


When you say you’re going to do something, you do it! One’s word is the golden sword, sculpting our lives according to what we declare. Living in integrity is like having a spine; you live in your truth! You can only function at your highest when in integrity. The spine is flexible! If you must break your word, seek community support in restoring integrity and make sure everything is being done that needs to be done. We play at community level – when each person wins, we all win. The more we can collectively operate in integrity, the more we make space to meet people where they’re at.


Tell stories! Like ancient fairytales or chapters of our most inspiring books, the stories have inside of us are crucial in the web. Sharing stories brings us together. Your stories important! The lines between fiction and nonfiction can get blurry! Tell your story as your own hero, you are actualizing yourself, and verbalize it to the community so that there can make space for you to live into your truth.


Do you live here? Please don’t ask that question! We all live here…. remember, this is our sparkling vessel, the spaceship of Mother Earth. Upon it, we are all transient beings. Taking one from our Turtles… Home is a concept we take with us. When you are here, you are h’ohm. You live here, there and everywhere.


All of existence is in a state of co-existence.  Time itself seems to have a message for each of us— the universe is just one large conversation.  Yet people tend to find their way here through a  series of synchronicities, unexplainable events and alignments.  Through Appreciative Inquiry we remain present to the Mystery, of each person or situation, not quelling or destroying the Mystery as we learn more and more about the world we are in and what is really possible.


Let the music play!  Music is central and essential part of community spirit. We believe in singing and playing, dancing and jamming, as music bypasses the lingual mind which is limited .  Every mystery school has vibration at its core, the music of the spheres, the distinct correlation of each frequency to a world of information.  Answering the Call of  We Are Mother Earth, this collective will release a new album on every new moon!  It will feature artivists and the music will be available as a free download.


Each NOW moment is the collapsing of the ‘Possibility Wave’ where, although a HUGE range of outcomes could result, at any moment, though some are quite rare, or arise only under certain conditions. By maintaining a culture of cooperation, we form an incubator together, to test out our ideas, to be radically honest in our expression and feedback forEVERYTHING CAN BE REINVENTED! We operate by a construct of possibility. In any conflict, with self or Boundless joy and creativity.


Preality is an inside job, the future aries from within, some unknowable, unshareable space we all have inhabit. Most sacred traditions arise from bridging that dreamscape and the manifest realm. What you see is not always as it appears, and here we breathe to life the world we are creating. Time is not a fixed thing – it’s an interdimensional manifold! This is a place to hop into your full Multiplicity, honoring the multitudes of realities. We live in the fullest spectrum of inter- dimensional physical manifestation in 3 dimensional reality and form manifold. Space possibilities can find a orks with energy in ways that breaks through the wheel of a singular dimension – it’s our job to discover the ancient wisdom and paths that we can bring her etc be in dialogue with each other. They are all forms of accessing transmitted knowledge.


Nothing says utopia like building a culture we make together, with respect to generations before and after us, that includes us all and for which we’re all on board, with people you adore, and living it together. Community is the new guru. Dynamic group thought power and action is the cornerstone of our real life becoming what we once only imagined could be possible.


Karma Yoga is the spirited fulfillment of one’s duty to the community. This is pre-gratitude: the seed planted for future fruition. The quality and completion of service, the spirit of service… your service to the community, service to the divine… Everyone’s doing their part, so we can actualize our true potential as an organism. We are the living circuitry. This is a place to plug in, develop yourself in the bright light your highest service potential.


Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside! The pineapple’s significances and teachings are expansive and have been throughout history, and we are here to collectively soak up the myths and the juices. Bringing a dressed up pineapple is customary when visiting an Arc. Every day here is a celebration! Welcome home. The Party Is Within.


** From Bill Henry’s book of peace-keeping passion…. We believe in cultivating peace at all costs. We are actively working to create peace May Peace Prevail on Earth!


Language is not something that we let disempower us. By getting in touch with our unique letter vibrations, we can restructure our understanding of how we can work together, and come into a more meaningful system of commUnify-cation. What is your Power Letter?


Dedication to zero impact and positive impact – conscious of equilibrium with the environment – the community, the and, the globe. Carbon imprints of zero. Being Nature. Living in Harmony. Everybody is a participant, a collaborator, a learner and a teacher. Collective education. Although there are leadership roles, there’s no hierarchy. Intergenerational — connections to elders and lineages and spirits. Making peace with the Geni-Loci.


We come here to nourish and be nourished. We practice bringing awareness to the food we are eating, with a focus on ingredients, and honoring the preparation process, and


It’s time to unlearn what we thought we knew! It’s time to remake the educational system. We are healers. We foster everybody as a teacher. The faster we educate people, the faster the global transformation will ensue!



Everybody you meet is a friend. Perhaps a friend from a past life, definitely a potential friend of the future, but at the very least, a friend for this moment. If you don’t know somebody’s name, and you’re afraid you’re supposed to know it, just ask! This is a place to practice pro-noia… which is the antidote to paranoia which is created to divide us. But, if we pre-suppose Unity and be-friendly, we can sail on into the sunset, dancing to the sounds of the Copa Cabanna.


It’s a decent realization that we need to not decentralize…. but rather find a more genuine, ::magical:: center. The powers that B, are in you and me. We are the im-media-cy! Bring media home. The revolution will not be televised; it will be livestreamed. If you’re lucky. 😉

32. We live on the EGE: the ENDLESS GIFTING ECONOMY

Let gifting be everywhere! Give, without expecting to receive. We willing to receive. When you lose something, consider it a gift to whoever finds it. When you find something, consider it a gift you are inheriting, filled with superpowers from whoever’s it was last.


As mandated by Bill Henry, Arc 38 is the ark that waited for unicorns! We welcome people on every illumination of the spectrum. We encourage sparkles, glitter, shine and fabulosity. This is a place to make your imagination real. You are a ::magical:: rainbow stallion, did we mention how wonderful you are yet today!? We are each a unique garden, and when we can live fully in this we break the social patterns of blending in with the crowd and going with the masses. Do you know what a gaggle of unicorns is called? A blessing.


Manifestation is how we create our realities. Lightworkers. Everybody is seeking to become their highest self. Shamans, healers, witches are here — ::magic:: is accessible to EVERYBODY. There are no closed books any longer… all information is available to all of us. We are co-creating a reality of utopia. Since 2012, some of us have been pioneering the front of the bell curve. Due to systems upgrade, many are just finding out now. We see with our third eye, and your soul’s got swagger. Welcome.


We focus much of our energies on ideas and privileges that are accessible to everybody. Things that anybody in the world can embrace, people can awaken to themselves and think “hey, I can do that too!” Like growing your own food, making deep eye contact, and skipping.

To create a space that is genuine, practical for all – we seek to be a melting pot of all sorts of cross sections of the world. The strength of a habitat lies within its diversity: People from all different geographies and belief systems. A lot of places assert themselves as being inclusive, but in actuality a lot of people feel uncomfortable. We strive to re-create that comfort zone.


We practice love in all its boundless glory. We invite radical new experiments in love relationships and being royally loyal. We abide by the thumping of our hearts first and foremost. We make it a practice of inquiring within ourselves as to how we can love more. We are…. AMOURISSSS

37. BYOG

Bring Your Own God / Be Your Own God.


Endless art, zip lines, forever. By joining our community, you are joining a movement to create ::magic:: everywhere. In our new grid of Arcs working together as Mother Earth, we exemplify and practice our ::magic::. We are also committed to being ambassadors of joy in the world! We take these practices  and implement them in sacred spaces and public places! From urban streets to suburban parks, we empower participants as street team to take over towns with a three ring circus of enlightenment. Let’s live into our true power and paint the streets with our joy!