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A message from the quickly warming soil

Hundreds of seeds have been ensconced in the greenhouse here at Arc38, physically, mentally and spiritually. The last frost may still come, and the anticipation of a big bonfire on the mountain is building up. Walks up the mountain, in the crisp of the morning, are a joy to behold for those here to catch the early solitude. Cool nights are treated with warm soups, or hearty bean chili. The work up on the mountain and down at the barns has risen to a simmer, as if it’s ready to explode into a rolling boil.


This is summer number TWO and plans are being made at Arc38, from the energy of that first delirious summer, projects are incubating. In these last quiet chilly days of Spring, much work is being done daily. Familiar faces and new ones walking through the door every week, each bringing their own unique ray to the growing The barn is being transformed to accommodate all the positive energies that will soon be overflowing. Even with the quiet anticipation, every small step is pushing the sun higher into the sky. As the seeds hold their own potential we too are full of energy ready to burst into light. We encourage you to plan to join us, or continue to check back. Be a part of our project to change the world, right from our little farm here in the valley.

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