Take part in the Regeneration

Next Chapter, coming soon!
Stay Tuned...

(and then along came a Sandy Hurricane)

To cap off our first season, disaster struck. And being a people who answer the call of our times, many went directly into the zones of response, from 520 to Yanna, from Staten Island through the Rockaways and the Jersey Shore. The military tents entrusted to us during the end of the People’s Storage at 50 Broadway were trucked down to the scene— from Arc-38 to B-38 (aka Beach 38, part of the Occupy Sandy network, which was there before FEMA & Red Cross).

So much has happened since that time, so now we are setting up for a bunch of updates: videos, a photo share, Spring overview, upcoming everything, all sorts of exciting opportunities and some on-the-scene writings from current Arc-cupiers, finally starting to share our stories. Stay optimally tuned!

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