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ARC38 files Form 1023

WE FILED OUR Form 1023! This means YOUR donation will be tax deductible, and all donations made to date as well. Thanks so much for your support!

As you can tell from the pictures here, both Eric Likhtiger and Eco Lake were ready to pull hair, gouge eyes and otherwise collapse in the wake of the ocean of paperwork we had to generate to… finally… federally formulate our status as a valid recipient of funds from the public.

For those not “in the know” on the infernal revenue service’s system for acknowledging the existence of public charity entities with tax exempt status… well, it’s a doozy! No wonder people usually get PAID to do this! We did have some experienced consultation and legal advice, but there was a steep learning curve here with LOTS of little catches and provisos and referential loops to verify our nonprofitness… And now that we have had this experience, we are available to assist other organizations with some of this process and can pass along our materials and research for others who may wish to formalize your operation as a 501c3. It’s a hump of work, but worth it!

NOW is the time to show support for our operation, to get involved and make it your own! This mammoth document includes a narrative description of our activities, a great chance to elaborate our mission and purpose and to let those who may wish to assist us know that we are “lessening the burden of government” in whatever way, through our good works, and are therefore a valid public charity, although not formally a church, school or hospital (some of the basic NPO categories).

Thus your donations to us will be tax deductible (retroactive upon formal acceptance for all donations made since we began in March of 2015), we have been acknowledged by the State of NY from that point onward. This was our federal filing (now that we are property owners!) assisting us on the back end to continue to SERVE all sorts of new pilgrims and programs every week and now getting set to gather the finest culmination of designs and designers into one amazing creative expression of community that will resound and interconnect so many disparate projects and places throughout this exciting region.

Our victory is truly a victory for so many others, and allows us to finally return to our mission to be of service to our region, heartfelt activists everywhere and to actively improve the health and interbeing of ourselves with one another, with our natural world, and with those future generations who have yet to join us.

This tax filing may have been one small step for our organization, but it was a big deal for those of us toiling tirelessly to catch every required document, estimate, listing, filing and to finally have produced a tangible expression of WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE ARE ABOUT as an official imprint in the federal record. WE ALL did that, all of us who dreamed this place into existence, who occupied wall street, or who worked the fields, who spoke well of the people and the place, who shepherded others through the darkness or had a genuine reckoning in meditation or around a campfire.

We know that such moments are precious, drive our passion for life and spark that change that allows us to become the self-directed, self-realized interconnected players we were built to be. Together, we accomplish so much more—

Thank you for all who have helped to get us here, and all who will help to bring this mission forward in the years ahead!