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ARC38 files Form 1023

WE FILED OUR Form 1023! This means YOUR donation will be tax deductible, and all donations made to date as well. Thanks so much for your support! As you can tell from the pictures here, both Eric Likhtiger and Eco Lake were ready to pull hair, gouge eyes and otherwise collapse in the wake of […]

Occupier Story

My story (by anonymous) My story begins in Eureka, California, one hundredclimb all the way to the top, and then one day clearing my mind. My 23 year old intellect was jus and ten feet above the forest floor. In a tree we called Poseidon. I remember being too scared to t zcircling and exploring […]

Blow the Whistle!

Yesterday was National Whistleblower Day, yet let us remember their bravery every day! I would like to share my deep gratitude for every Whistleblower, without whom the wool would be over our eyes. Look over the Whistleblower Database for a refresher on to whom we owe some otherwise closeted secrets. The Government Accountability Project (spot […]

Hudson Valley Activism Update!

  Black Snake at the Hudson River The Montrose 9 were convicted rather than exonerated as heroes who stalled the extension of the oil pipeline at one of three locations where they are attempting to bring fossil fuels across our clean river for foreign export. Outdated, leaking, dangerous Indian Point nuclear facility in Peekskill, NY […]

On Names

Names do not replace knowing the one behind it, the being within the surface tagged. Many know me as Eco, but many hear Echo. My parents named me Devin Kyle, poet of the narrows. Names evoke, address, summon. They are each named one’s mantra, most often heard word. Ellis Island invented many names, including my […]


It seems my immersion in front-line activism led me into an accidental invention of a new style. No more awkward middle-length hair, no more hair cuts, masking my immense bulging bare forehead, or trying to “add body” to my wispy-thin, easily-oily hair. Never before have I had a dread, nor ever do I need another […]

Wassaic Project 2015!

Our splendid, once-sleepy little hamlet that sprawl forgot celebrates its amazing architecture and rural culture with a free art festival July 31— August 2! If you only get to be in Wassaic one weekend this year, this is the one to come up for… Not the first time this year Amenia (the “Little Hamptons” the […]

Turning a New Leaf — generosity economy in action and only One Cow left

Eco here. Eventful foray from the other day I would like to share here. What began in Woodstock and a visit with talented natural artists (community-minded post-Brooklynites) my journey took me through a local healer to meet our wonderful friend Bill Henry, waiting ready for transport assistance, even with all the pressures in his life […]