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Blow the Whistle!

Yesterday was National Whistleblower Day, yet let us remember their bravery every day!

I would like to share my deep gratitude for every Whistleblower, without whom the wool would be over our eyes.

Look over the Whistleblower Database for a refresher on to whom we owe some otherwise closeted secrets. The Government Accountability Project (spot a GAP?) recognized the event, and TedX had a salon. Do not remain complicit forever, there is a timetable for you to do the right thing, but then again, no matter even through the hiding itself, there are always consequences. There can also be personal benefits when the wrong-doing exposed leads to fines. May we share in Justice, and Truth be known!

Thank you to Deepthroat, to Julian Assange, to Karen Hudes, to Snowden, to Private Manning, who would have been late this week—

How does the US treat its whistleblowers?

Usually they are fired, slandered, blacklisted. When the scandal exposed is big enough, the person receives some recognition and support, though rarely enough, as the story of William Binney has been testament. Blue Shield is suing a former employee who showed what was going on in that insurance racket.whistleblower-blueshield

This past week saw the official death of the Democratic party, as the first 3 installments of revelations of the scale and scope of corruption in the official Establishment part politics system as released by Wikileaks have now hit the watching world. Some small fraction of the information trove has been turned into stories, some portion of those have achieved some publication in official press outlets, only to be outweighed by a disinfo narrative to distract from the content disclosed to date. Somewhere, somehow, a whistle blew. And the many millions who suspected as much, now have proof of some small portion of the likely claims regarding the open theft of the Democratic Primary.

The week prior, DNC database specialist Seth Rich was found shot in the back with bruising throughout his body and two bullet holes, all of his money and belongings left with his person. He was an “experienced and impassioned data analyst. I have an enormous interest in public service and working towards making the world a better place.”

seth-rich-patriotQuickly labeled a robbery and trumpeted even by Clinton as an example of why we need gun control and how violent crime is on the increase in certain neighborhoods, the cover story still validated the fact of the occurrence: a DNC staff person, privy to the DNC voter registration process at a root level, with numerous standing litigations concerning vote fraud in multiple states and jurisdictions and just days before the actual start of the Convention. The police have now doubled the reward for information leading to justice in his murder, to $50K— how much more do you guess was paid to take him out? Perhaps another whistle will blow, and we will find out more about this unfortunate loss of life.

Just last week, the prominent whistleblower Chelsea Manning attempted to end her own life. Having done the good act of revealing the evil our taxdollars was used to do in Iraq, this brave heart has been subject to that same sadistic culture as a captive of the military-prison-industrial complex. Confirmed days later and now subject to even more humiliation, isolation and other forms of official-military-procedure / torture, including denial of basic medical requirements for her wellbeing.freemanning

She has been subject to intense scrutiny, considering any violation is given extreme punishment, such as sustained isolation for keeping an empty toothpaste tube in her cell. Some would speculate that her captors using such ridiculous excuses to be as punitive as possible, drove her to the point of being willing to end her own life, having already undergone massive sleep deprivation and other techniques. This being expected by the apologists for the excessive use of force to prove their point to the many within their ranks, who might object to the activities of the military or other aspects of the government & who would otherwise more readily consider sharing some of what they know has become business-as-usual on the frontlines, especially in the US-armed-forces culture around the world.

On the importance of being earnest…whistleblower-stabred

However, many remain. Many Non-disclosure Agreements (DNA’s) or other instruments of intimidation are as we speak keeping from us relevant #facts to our actual predicament and position in this time of unprecedented planetary peril, or so we keep telling ourselves. We are at a unique turning point, where like never before the opportunity to take responsibility for our own information streams, to discern between hateful fear mongering (unfortunately now corporate news delivered state propaganda, as what passes for news seems to perpetuate) and legitimate stories and articles worthy of our shared attention.

Be grateful to those who have called the bluff before we go over it. Who have BLOWN THE WHISTLE where the game was rigged. Who have let those outside of the “immediate vicinity” know what really goes on…Whistleblower-devaughn

When there is evil afoot, oftentimes, it is easier to “go along with it.” And yet at some point, a conscience takes root, and becomes unshakeable. Someone like who Dennis Kucinich used to be in the House of Representatives, before he was  redistricted, and his campaign quelled twice. Someone like Frank Serpico, who “took on a role of a reformer and really a conscience of the department and ended up doing some heavy lifting that should have been done at the top of the department. In the safe distance of 2011 he becomes more of a heroic figure with each passing year.” Not for the fame or the gain, but to do the right thing, which in his case was to cross the ‘Blue Line’ we have seen reach a disgusting head in the release without charges of numerous murderous cops who somehow don’t get it that #BlackLivesMatter. We need a #NewSerpico in every police department, but especially where the behavior of those badged brutes has finally reached the exposure and fever pitch that humans across the spectrum have seen more than enough the urgent cry of our brothers & sisters. Every person who videotapes the reality taking place around them blows a whistle, that we may see what transpires. Thank you.

Whistleblower_definitionThank you for lifting the vile veils of secrecy, that we together can bring the light of truth to the dark matters which even today transpire, those of which president J. Fitzgerald Kennedy (albeit of the zombie party voting fraud department) spoke of, those same which vaulted him out of position, to make way for the parade of actors (Ronnie, W), career politicians controlled by the deep state, and those who directly influence the events later sold as inevitable from Nixon, LBJ, HW, Clinton, Kissinger, CFR et al. who bring us the POTUS puppet show.

Think you have something to be thankful for? Keeping whatever occasional compliance we see today between the actual operations involved behind the halls of unchecked power and the story product we consume or not on the other end, we owe in large part to those who have made truth be known, where legal departments, marketing departments and other machinations of “public relations” allow us to stray our beliefs, perception and concerns away from negative impacts, better options or healthier choices. Without real investigative reporting, our ‘news sources’ consist almost entirely of placed corporate advertising presented as neutral with no accountability and diminishing alternatives to compare, contrast or keep the narration honest. Repetition, it is believed, can replace reality.

Consider the necessity of stopping the game when it is unfair, stopping the machine when it’s broken, like a referee, preventing more damage from going on pretending nothing is wrong, but deciding as best we can, to find out for real what’s going on. Plenty of reasons not to, but eventually you can’t NOT find out, the curiosity, or compassion overcomes you. Being an activist is often becoming an expert in something you didn’t choose to be an expert in, because you had to develop a skillset or knowledge bank to address the situation you were confronting. By being ACTIVE, not being afraid or lazy enough to continue the EXCUSE MACHINE, but to look through and find out, to educate ourselves, each of us, on as much as we can where we are Ready or Called…