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Turning a New Leaf — generosity economy in action and only One Cow left

Eco here. Eventful foray from the other day I would like to share here. What began in Woodstock and a visit with talented natural artists (community-minded post-Brooklynites) my journey took me through a local healer to meet our wonderful friend Bill Henry, waiting ready for transport assistance, even with all the pressures in his life […]

The 8 in 38

Arc38 has eight main projects.   1. Online presence, networking, media creation, and open sourcing our vision.   2. Feeding the movement, growing food, processing food, and food justice.   3. Volunteer coordination, local community building, and outreach.   4. Transparent, donation based funding; and cooperative sales for artists.   5. Studio workshop space for […]


OUR NAME In Geometry an arc is any unbroken part of the circumference of a circle or other curved line. In Electricity, it is the luminous bridge formed between the gap of two electrodes. In astronomy it is the part of a circle representing the apparent course of a heavenly body. It is also in […]