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Rights of Mother Earth

Rights of Mother Earth Proposal Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth  (from PWCCC)  (More FAQ here.) Preamble We, the peoples and nations of Earth: considering that we are all part of Mother Earth, an indivisible, living community of interrelated and interdependent beings with a common destiny; gratefully acknowledging that Mother Earth is the source of […]

On Names

Names do not replace knowing the one behind it, the being within the surface tagged. Many know me as Eco, but many hear Echo. My parents named me Devin Kyle, poet of the narrows. Names evoke, address, summon. They are each named one’s mantra, most often heard word. Ellis Island invented many names, including my […]


It seems my immersion in front-line activism led me into an accidental invention of a new style. No more awkward middle-length hair, no more hair cuts, masking my immense bulging bare forehead, or trying to “add body” to my wispy-thin, easily-oily hair. Never before have I had a dread, nor ever do I need another […]