Well, well, well…

Let there be water!

Another $4,000 invested into infrastructure, and now we have artisan water available for plants, animals and other people.

Still could use a solar heating solution, filters and other goodies– but major progress.

Bike charging & a canoe lampshade

A number of creative improvements started cropping up through collaboration with a friendly and talented local landscaper J! Like custom milled planks used with the broken futon frame to make a new raised bed for our wheatgrass this year. And a busted bike from the basement combined with a truck alternator and battery (plus an inverter from J, now missing only a Charge Controller for an off-grid circuit!) to make a bike-charging station.

Plus take a look at the mylar-lined Sea Nymph, turned into a lampshade for some overdue alternative lighting for the main barn space…

(and then along came a Sandy Hurricane)

To cap off our first season, disaster struck. And being a people who answer the call of our times, many went directly into the zones of response, from 520 to Yanna, from Staten Island through the Rockaways and the Jersey Shore. The military tents entrusted to us during the end of the People’s Storage at 50 Broadway were trucked down to the scene— from Arc-38 to B-38 (aka Beach 38, part of the Occupy Sandy network, which was there before FEMA & Red Cross).

So much has happened since that time, so now we are setting up for a bunch of updates: videos, a photo share, Spring overview, upcoming everything, all sorts of exciting opportunities and some on-the-scene writings from current Arc-cupiers, finally starting to share our stories. Stay optimally tuned!

Refuge– exodus from opposition

Where Occupy had the gall to sound the Call,

Reclaim has the chance to avoid conflict and change the game.

Occupy your life, no matter were you where a year ago…

Come join us next Thursday November 15 Onward…

Exoddus: Celebrating Liberty Square and Building the Future
  • Arc38, 426 Old Route 22, Wassaic, Amenia, NY
    -Remembering the raid on Liberty Square and celebrating an entire year of persistence and resilience
    -Sharing and healing of our last moments at the park
    -Transitioning into building a future we want to see
    -Debriefing on Arc38, Reclaim, Transition Towns, Occupy Farms, permaculture, the local Wassaic Community Farm, Omega, bioregional food networks, and other progressive projects

    -Creating the networks for the future we build
    -Discussing the establishment of Arc38’s Co-op/Free Store as a model for the transition into the new economy*possible coordination for video conference to plug into the event for those outside the tri-state area



Harvest Healing Festival a SUCCESS!

We held a beautiful event, raised the energy and showed that together we can weather the times ahead– made it through Hurricane Sandy in style!

Come one , come all! Celebrate life, Possibility and each other!  We hope to share this space with new and old alike and create together a space of awareness, recognition and healing.

We have a sacred grove here, where people are invited to bring items from their world and tie it to a tree, place in our forest (specific area) and allow the sacred vibration to grow!  There is already an altar space and we will be having a consecration as part of this weekend’s activities!

More soon, here is the Bookface entry for this event.

Please let us know or post if you can offer a ride and try to carpool! Easy walk from the train as well: Take the Harlem Line from Grand Central (MetroNorth) to the last stop– Wassaic! If we know you’re coming we can meet you (or coordinate to ride with other Arc passengers!)

From the parking lot, you can follow the trail out the back of the parking lot (straight ahead as you get off the train). Shortest route is to head to the back left corner, downn a little gulch and then up on to an old horse race track, follow that North (left) around and there will be a sign for Arc 38 leading further North, then Eastright)– easy to follow at that point. You will pass our little swimming hole under the willow tree and come up on the green barns (visible form the train station). PLEASE watch for the electric fence, there is an easy handle to replace, be careful!

Desired:  bring food, your own tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, costume, rope, stuff to share, hiking shoes, sacred objects, or anything else you wish to have here

My brothers strength is my strength.

An article by our local minister of light, Kiril.

My brother’s strength is my strength, because when my brother is strong, then my family is strong. When my family is strong, I can trust that my good works will serve to uplift those I love, and will be recognized as good works by those I love. When I am weary after a long day, I can trust that my brother will carry his own load, and rest easily knowing that all is well. When I am in need, I must do what I can to return to my strength, and know that my brother is there for me as a witness to my journey.

When my brother is strong, I recognize the goodness of strength. We should all be strong so that we may express our deep gratitude for the life we have been granted. From strength, there is the freedom to act and create. With the freedom to act and create, I am responsible for the world that I live in, for the fruits of my own labors, and may freely enjoy these fruits as I see fit. When my brother is equally free to act and create, I know that there need be no jealousy nor strife between us. There is no need for two strong men to fight, for our strength is mutual and complimentary. Our strength deters destructive impulses, for perhaps a weak man might challenge a strong man, but to challenge two or more strong men is pure folly.

My brother’s strength is my strength because he has strengths in areas that I do not and handles the issues that match his passion and expertise. I may partake in the fruits of his labors by offering the fruits that my strength in areas that my brother has not yet cultivated have borne in full. In this mutual and fair exchange each has gained, each feels successful, and has added to the abundance of our households. This is what business is between strong, free, and creative people. This is what community has always been about.

We are strong because we recognize that something can not be created from nothing. We recognize that even in a gift economy, each must live in accordance with the laws of reality and in harmony with existence. We do not expect to be given something for nothing in return. If it occurs, we are grateful for the gift and think nothing of it. If my brother has food to share, and wishes to share, then that is my brother free to give to one he loves, and I am grateful to receive in such a time and in such a manner. When I have an extra shirt and my brother does not, I do not hesitate to give him that shirt and offer it before he could even think to ask. He is my brother and I would not shame our relationship with minor requests when we have built so much abundance together. My brother’s strength invites generosity, as abundance attracts even more abundance. In this manner, my brother and I walk our homesteads together and assist the other in the projects that bring wealth to our community.

My brother’s strength is my strength because I myself am strong. I do not ask for what I do not deserve. Instead I notice what is lacking in my life and seek out the knowledge to accomplish that which is beyond my current ability. It is from my brother who has such knowledge, who demonstrates his mastery by accomplishing what other men can not. From him, I learn the principles and techniques that produce his skillful results, and seek to duplicate those results myself. In the process we both grow stronger, and the circle of prosperity becomes broader, deeper, and more sustainable. For knowledge shared is potential power made available to all who would devote the time and energy to master such knowledge with daily action and measured results.

My brother’s strength is my strength. My strength is my brother’s strength. Together, we face the challenges of our age with the courage of warriors, the determination of blacksmiths, the dignity of Kings, and the playful kindness of children of the same Heavenly Father. In this way, all of our brothers and sisters may rejoice in the rightness of a world aligned to universal peace and global prosperity. We are friends with all who we meet, we are guides to those yet to find their way, and allies to all who live their lives dedicated to goodness and virtue.

My brother’s strength is rooted in virtue. As is my strength. However, we value different virtues in different ways, and bring different gifts to the expression of these virtues. The result is a broader range of virtuous response to the challenges of our day than we might have alone. For when the bandit threatens to rob the traveling merchant I draw my sword while my brother laughs heartily and offers his hand in open friendship. The bandit sees one man ready to defend the innocent with skillful combat and the other man ready to welcome this lost soul back into the light all past sins already forgiven. Alone my brother might have had to draw his own sword. Alone, I might have been forced to draw blood. But together, the bandit immediately realizes the error of his ways and offers his deep apologies to the merchant. My brother laughs and makes the peace. I nod to the bandit as a sign of respect and sheath the blade glad that peace has been restored once more. Together our virtues and gifts have brought about the kind of safety that deters future troubles and reassures our community that the way of the peaceful warrior is still alive and well.

In this way, my brother’s strength is my strength, and my strength is my brother’s strength. And so our strength is the strength of us all. And so it is. Amen.

Sustainable Tomorrow…Today!

An article published in Nature the other day made rounds in the mainstream media informing the online world that Earth had reached a “tipping point” in regards to the future of climate. We’ve exploited so much of the planet’s surface and destroyed enough of the land that scientists are sounding alarms no longer just about the extinction of tigers and salmon, but rather the human race itself in the next century. Depending on which way we “tip,” i.e. our next actions regarding our overly consumptive and apathetically destructive lifestyle, we can either find ourselves in a sustainable paradise living in harmony with nature with peace n’ love for all, or we can propel to a Hellish environmental collapse. Apocalypse is avoidable though, if we act smart now.

Most people are overwhelmed and bored when they hear environmental doomsayers reciting the laundry list of how we’re killing the planet and ourselves: depleted fisheries, carbon emissions, deforestation, chemical pollution, and shrinking oil reserves. Many books have been written on all of these topics and more, and if you’re interested, please educate yourself. If you’ve been burying your head in the sand in regards to all of these problems, then please knock the sediment out of your ears and listen up.

This is a real crisis, and real solutions are being developed. Here at ARC38 a group of Occupy Wall Street protestors, weary from shouting ourselves hoarse about the problems strangling society while being beaten by riot police and shunned by mainstream media and culture, have turned constructive. We’re building a sustainable habitat for humans; a community, a learning center, and a farm. We farm utilizing the natural landscape for permaculture farming, we drink and bathe from rainwater fed into a catchment system, and we celebrate ourselves through arts and fun and all the parts of life that leave you feeling wholesome and fuzzy inside. The concept of a post-scarcity resource based society is that each person works so well with one another that they eliminate common tasks and free one another to make art out of all that they do. This is exactly our aim.

We intend not only to weather the storm of the impending economic collapse (you know it’s coming), but to be unaffected by it. We will grow enough food to sustain a hundred people or more indefinitely, and this is only on a modest 180 acres. We believe that the best way to solve the problems that come with our emerging global society is to think with the whole earth in mind, and to act with the distant future in mind as well. Acting on a local level is the best way to bring change to the unfair social structure that poisons those that can not afford organic food. There are better ways of food production than massive corn fields when cash money isn’t the incentive, but rather survival, community and happiness.

Our system is a pleasant alternative to capital based world, which, while it does come with certain luxuries and comfort, has brought not only gross inequality and devastating wars, but also mortal illness to the planet and the people, plants, and animals who dwell upon it.

Our prototype of sustainable living will catch on, and if our optimism is worth anything it will pull us from the brink of self-destruction and tip us toward a beautiful tomorrow, or at least a tomorrow where everyone is fed and kids aren’t born without eye sockets or with any extra limbs at all!

If you too are concerned about the future of your family, this country, or humanity as a whole, then you are our friend and ally, and we ask you to please monitor our progress, get yourself into a sustainable situation, and donate liberally to worthwhile causes (cough).

This site will be updated with relative frequency, and we’re more than happy to offer advice, accept criticism, or engage in any other form of communication as long as everyone involved remains non-violent.

Let’s hurry up and fix all these global problems so we can be lazy and free with a clean conscience.