Finally— a Greenhouse!

Bill’s longstanding dream of having a South-facing greenhouse attached to the barn has been realized!

Thanks to the recent involvement of local folk Lola and North, the plastic was purchased and installed in time for seed starts to get a jump on the season. Bill’s go-to builder, Brian Buckner utilized a method taught to him by Sam, who kept a nice little garden in the center of Pine Plains for a few seasons.

Well, well, well…

Let there be water!

Another $4,000 invested into infrastructure, and now we have artisan water available for plants, animals and other people.

Still could use a solar heating solution, filters and other goodies– but major progress.

Bike charging & a canoe lampshade

A number of creative improvements started cropping up through collaboration with a friendly and talented local landscaper J! Like custom milled planks used with the broken futon frame to make a new raised bed for our wheatgrass this year. And a busted bike from the basement combined with a truck alternator and battery (plus an inverter from J, now missing only a Charge Controller for an off-grid circuit!) to make a bike-charging station.

Plus take a look at the mylar-lined Sea Nymph, turned into a lampshade for some overdue alternative lighting for the main barn space…