October Aftermoon

Closing ceremony and gathering @ Arc 38!

Let us close the season with intention, as we look forward with the local Dutchess county community and our broader Arc 38 community to truly being in service to the public in 2019!

We have attained federal recognition as a nonprofit group, and a protocol to develop cooperative businesses on the land through our growing membership base. We are so excited to offer our magical mountain and wetlands to empower those around us!

Potluck lunch & dinner available throughout the day.

Q & A with Eco and other Board members on the status of the nonprofit, and how to plug in Now and realize our mission Together!

Hike up to some main sites of the mountain, and access to the ten mile river via our wetland marsh— where we hope to someday have a Boardwalk connect commuters to the train station.

Evening drum circle & jam by the fire at Phoenix Landing – come see our outdoor kitchen, geodesic dome & campsite setup courtesy of a recent visit from The People’s Project ~

We are the one’s we have been waiting for.

~ Adventure Awaits @Arc 38 ~

Design Charette: visioning Nov 2-4, 2018

Arrive Friday evening to discuss design process. Saturday & Sunday we will walk the land together (prepare for rain!) and discuss our designs. Join landscape designer Seth Henry, tiny house builder Jan Shuster, author/solutionist Mariette Papic and others on the Board for this special occasion.

“You can’t move towards a destination unless you know where it is.” – Jan

How can we become a demonstration site for regenerative community practices? Where can we drawdown and improve our systems for approaching Zero Waste, Zero carbon emissions and efficient energy and water use?

Some suggestions we are invited to consider as we lay out a course toward shared prosperity here:
• orchard / herb gardens / vegetable gardens
• apothecary / herb drying / food processing area
• art trail
• performance spaces
• plein air and indoor studio spaces
• dome classroom
• camping facilitation / water systems
• outdoor kitchen / compost toilet
• woodshop
• bicycle shop / rental areas
• film screening area
• media production studio
• library café
• hospitality / traveler accommodations
• residence spaces / faculty
• mixed use green houses
• other types of integrated growing mixed use architecture
• whatever else you can dream!


Recognize how thankful we are to be alive together… with a Feast!

Join us anytime mid-day this Thursday, November 22 for a meal to remember. Bring a story and a dish to share— plus an attitude of Gratitude…

Share a Feast of Gratitude with us! Modern natives, pilgrims, settlers, travelers, wild and magical creatures— all are welcome.

We are in the midst of a major Re-Generation, so it’s a great time to gather together around a fire, hot apple cider and recalibrate our hearts, mind and missions for the exciting years ahead.

#Decolonizethisplace #LoveisaPractice #healMotherEarth #Gratitude

Bring something to share, and we will all benefit from learning what we are each THANKFUL for— most of all, one another!

Buy Nothing Black Friday

Gratitude is a year-round activity… Are you looking for an alternative solution to the soul-sucking consumerist mayhem that starts up on Black Friday?

What better way to build autonomy & resilience than to share knowledge and ideas with community? Join us & skill up!!

While there is not yet a ‘Buy Nothing’ group in our area, we would like to see who would be interested and willing to join us in discussing how a group could be formed right here in the Harlem Valley. Meanwhile, let’s make our own presents for loved ones, swap project ideas and see how we can help one another thrive through the Generosity Economy!

Come at noon for a potluck meal with hot apple cider and FriendsGiving left-overs from the feast the day before (come, come!!). Suggested donation: $22.

Presentations begin at 1pm and conversation carries on to this evening. Limited parking, please RSVP or carpool.

We are pleased to announce that we will be joined this Friday with seriously fun people who bring tireless dedication to their Work to educate and uplift.

Mike Mager is an organic gardener, Hare Krishna and a genuine humble teacher and natural philosopher. Some folks are so in love with ideas and learning they can’t help but evoke deep conversation with light edges— and Mike is a prime example and a real local gem.

Tori, or Victoria, Alexander is a local luminary, organic farmer, author of a range of books (more at www.victorianalexander.com) and current Fulbright Scholar. She brings together complexity theory, the emergent field of BioSemiotics and Philosophy of Science into conversation about how governance could be improved with Direct Democracy ( www.directdemocracyus.org ). She will be sharing some of her research— and looking for feedback on making this relevant though dense work more accessible to a broader public.

“Victoria Alexander on Representative Democracy, Capitalism, Communism or Socialism? “No matter what philosophy you begin with, over time political systems tend to concentrate wealth and power. Government and individual freedom should really be co-creative of one another. Why is it that we can’t seem to achieve this? As a biosemiotician, I have learned that creative and intelligent behavior emerge in complex systems when individuals have semiotic freedom and enabling constraints. Government/culture should provide the enabling constraints (language, tradition, borders, laws, courts, currency, public buildings, hospitals, schools, mass transportation, energy and communication networks) but the people making use of those constraints should have the semiotic freedom (i.e., the ability to interpret rules and even misinterpret rules) to make their own decisions, set their own goals, and enjoy/suffer the consequences.”   — Tori

Feel free to get a taste of this work by watching this video (a half hour talk, given in 15 minutes).

We are looking forward to sharing this abundant wisdom and collaborating with all of you to improve how our region and this project can better serve our membership, our Town, our region and the Movement for a happier, healthier world… One less unnecessary purchase at a time.