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Harvest Healing Festival a SUCCESS!

We held a beautiful event, raised the energy and showed that together we can weather the times ahead– made it through Hurricane Sandy in style!

Come one , come all! Celebrate life, Possibility and each other!  We hope to share this space with new and old alike and create together a space of awareness, recognition and healing.

We have a sacred grove here, where people are invited to bring items from their world and tie it to a tree, place in our forest (specific area) and allow the sacred vibration to grow!  There is already an altar space and we will be having a consecration as part of this weekend’s activities!

More soon, here is the Bookface entry for this event.

Please let us know or post if you can offer a ride and try to carpool! Easy walk from the train as well: Take the Harlem Line from Grand Central (MetroNorth) to the last stop– Wassaic! If we know you’re coming we can meet you (or coordinate to ride with other Arc passengers!)

From the parking lot, you can follow the trail out the back of the parking lot (straight ahead as you get off the train). Shortest route is to head to the back left corner, downn a little gulch and then up on to an old horse race track, follow that North (left) around and there will be a sign for Arc 38 leading further North, then Eastright)– easy to follow at that point. You will pass our little swimming hole under the willow tree and come up on the green barns (visible form the train station). PLEASE watch for the electric fence, there is an easy handle to replace, be careful!

Desired:  bring food, your own tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, costume, rope, stuff to share, hiking shoes, sacred objects, or anything else you wish to have here

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