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How to Help

[text size=”18″]As a young community we have commonly accepted many different forms of assistance, uplifting us all to greater heights as the years pass on.[/text]

[text size=”14″]Hundreds of different people have contributed time, labor, skills, money, projects and so much more.
Until recently we haven’t had much for people to plug themselves into, but now there is clear direction and intention which makes it easier for people to become a part of how Arc 38 grows.
By looking through the “How to Help” menu, and reading below, you’ll find a few simple ways to help Arc 38, and perhaps yourself, to grow more and more.

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[panel title=”Socialize and Organize”]
Community is much more than a location, the root of community is ‘commune’, in our case “to commune”, to share, to come together.
By far the simplest manner of helping Arc 38 is to read the blogs and news on our website and introduce others to our community through sharing.
Even more, move over to the “Plug In” menu and socialize with us, help us to build this new community through words of advice.
To go even further, support the mission, goals and values of Arc 38 by organizing an intentional community of your own!

[panel title=”Donate to Arc 38″]
Though we have found many different manners of supporting ourselves and the community, we still have some reliance on the good will of others.
In the “How to Help” menu you’ll see a donation section for items we need labeled “Wish List” and a section for monetary donations labeled “Financial Support”.
More information on how these things help Arc 38 are placed within each respective page.

[panel title=”Support Member Projects”]
Our members have developed manners of supporting themselves and the community through business performance.
Though we firmly believe in the ideals of barter and a completely post-monetary society, we must admit that the world around us operates on money.
In the “How to Help” menu you’ll find a page labeled “Shops and Services”, there you will discover the member-owned businesses which call Arc 38 home.

[panel title=”Take Part In Events”]
Whether as a Participant or an Event Holder being part of our dream is simple and joining in the fun helps us to grow!
Check out our events section and see what is coming up!

[panel title=”Visit For Work Exchange”]
Travelers, woofers and other people who wish to experience our lifestyle can stay for up to a month at a time trading labor and services.
More information is available here.

[panel title=”Become A Member”]
Membership is for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to volunteering work to help Arc 38 grow.
Membership includes taking part in meetings, performing labor and working toward our mission, goals and values.
More information coming soon.