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Medicine Wheel project for the Land Here

In the sacred tradition of the iconoclast, for those whose visions and Spirit were ahead of their times— we are caught up! Let us be realized, at any stage of personality, through all the cycles of life. There has been call for building a lasting set of interconnected sacred spaces here in Wassaic.

Please evaluate this proposal from our neighboring Brother, Lightning Heart, who invites us:

“Here’s a Diagram of the proposed Wheel. Usually each person brings a stone and chooses which place they would like to put it on. A diagram can be drawn out on the land with flour or lime to mark the spots. There is a defined order to place the stones in which I will try to get printed.
Let your folks dance with this picture for a while and decide how you want to proceed. There is value in personalizing it and also value in the continuity of preserving tradition.”

Sun Bear's Medicine Wheel

Here’s Sun Bear’s description of the Vision he had:

In my vision I saw a hilltop bare of trees. There was a soft breeze blowing and the prairie grass was moving gently. Then I saw a circle of rocks that came out like spokes of a wheel. I knew that what I was seeing in my vision was the sacred circle of life, the sacred hoop of my people.
Inside of the center circle was the buffalo skull, and coming up through ravines, from the four directions, were what looked like animals. As they came closer, I saw that they were people wearing headdresses and animal costumes. They moved to the circle and each group entered it sunwise, making a complete circle before they settled on their place in the wheel.
First people came to the place of the North, to the winter, the time of resting for ourselves and the Earth Mother, the place that represents the time when we have the white hairs of snow upon our heads, when we prepare to change both worlds and forms. Then there were those who ended up in the East, the place of awakening, of birth and of spring, the place representing mankind’s birth and beginning. Next came those who would represent the South, thetime of summer, the years of fruitfulness and of rapid growth. Then there were people who came to the West, the time of fall, when we reap our harvest, when we have found the knowledge needed to center ourselves. The West is the home of the West Wind, Father of all of the Winds.
All of the people were singing the song of their season, of their minerals, of their plants, of their totem animals. And they were singing songs for the healing of the Earth Mother. A leader among them was saying, “Let the medicine of the sacred circle prevail. Let many people across the land come to the circle and make prayers for the healing of the Earth Mother. Let the circles of the Medicine Wheel come back”.
In this vision were gathered people of all the clans, of all the directions, of all the totems, and in their hearts they carried peace. That was the vision I saw.

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