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FAQ, Rumor Mill & Center for Misinformation Control

What crazy rumor have you heard?  What wacky question do you have for us?  Well, some have even brought some of these distorted fragments of partial reality back to our door in whatever stage of decay, and yet somewhere out there these stories are being retold.  So in an effort to clear the air, anticipate some particular wonderments and put a few queries to rest, please, continue…

Members of ARC38 are able to log in for more detailed accounts of member interactions and policies, and to vote on how to shape the next rounds of agreements. See below for a note on the FAQ.  As for what we will openly share with the public, here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the barns condemned?

There has been much Town-wide to-do about the structural integrity of the barns at Arc 38, some say as a cover for other speculation. The barns have been given a professional examination and we have a building permit for the repairs to go beyond the typical farm use and be able, perhaps someday, to hold public events, or even apply for zoning variances or other routes which could be open to us pending successful completion of the barn repairs.

Are you guys a hippie commune?

Did these ever exist? If so, they are a rare breed.

An ARC (Autonomous Resilient Community) is any operation which participates in the basic principles or protocols common to many intentional and collective projects, especially who provides natural experiences, practical knowledge and inspires new connections.

In our case, there are three properties we are trying to retain and put into collective ownership. There is a house, some barns and a forest.  It is the cooperation of a single landowner, who has set out to make a collective use of his personal assets possible for others to create opportunity for future people, nature and “The Work” to continue, regardless of who is in power or what the known issues of the day happen to be. There are injustices in the world, and those who dare to address them deserve support, and to be known and celebrated.

Arc 38 is an example of a compost-modern approach to the present system: to work with those who are willing to do what needs to be done and to extend that success and support to others. In the case of any ARC, it will be a customized response to the particular situation and opportunity.

The Work is the Movement toward an informed and conscious response, a change in direction from the deadly and deceptive status quo, which includes cultural and interpersonal, as well as physical, fiscal and response to the collective decisions being made by a few.

Due to zoning and budget and other restrictions, we only offer very limited agricultural worker housing, tenting, and one multi-day event per year, until such time as we change our registered qualifications and use of the space within the realm of possibility.

Communes almost never existed, just as the only opposition to global geo-cide in the name of commodification crisis consumer capitalism  is Family, where people take care of one another without need for exacting compensation. Russia was a dictatorship, and China is as Capitalist as its US partners.  Cuba, the closest attempt as a “country” to be “commune-based” was also a sham dictatorship, where. I met a fellow from the former Yugoslavia, and he mentioned how he grew up with  As an undeclared entity, many have projected their own idea of what they would do, given the same opportunity,

I heard it was like a cult.

Our community is quite varied and there are many different belief system practiced, including recognition of traditional times and transition of significance, but there is no over-arching spiritual tradition or guru, and few imposed participation requirements.

Are you against wealth?

Not at all, we are for the right use of power. Yet in this world, power has too often been misused, based on fear or greed, financial accumulation being one very overt imbalance. Everyone has a loaded, charged relationship with power, often deeply associated with money in today’s world. How we use our power, our information, skills, time, knowledge, resources and financial resources defines our character. Our impact on the shared world of one another. It is exactly that leverage  we exercise with the ability to create or correct or transform reality. That impulse, to build Another World, united many to various causes, which are all interrelated and often deal with economic inequality, and so answered the rally to Occupy Wall Street, a highly misunderstood Movement, and not accidentally. We have in our extensive community, business owners and professionals as well as homeless and the completely destitute, full-fledged activists to archivists, artists and naturalists. Part of the problems now are the culture and the behaviors, with noteworthy exceptions, of those who practice a lifestyle of excess, throwing away perfectly usable/reclaimable items, focused on status and symbols when such good for so many could have been achieved with the same actual wealth. And there are many known obstacles, like trust and accuracy and purpose and product. When we care about doing something right, it gets done, and money makes it a lot easier to get things done.

Who is welcome to come there?

Our large and fluid network has included a wide range of people who used to be able to come, unannounced, at any hour, and be received as Family and as Royalty— for we are all One and we are all sovereign. This made us pretty notorious, as some of those who came, either locals or from further away, were also into more rowdy or less activist/permaculture based behaviors. Some who are drawn to living and learning in community settings are damaged by a hate-filled world, and haven’t yet learned enough to cope meaningfully with their own struggle but still seek to improve the plights of others. We have sought to keep our doors open to the stranded, to the traveller, to those with sincere hearts who want to walk our trails or help with our projects, from alternative energy, to agriculture that honors and works with the natural world.

We now have a revised Visitor Policy, and applications for various positions in regards to possible member services.

What have you heard and want to know?

Ask us in an email and we’ll address pixel-worthy ponderings.

For many reasons, Arc 38 has been fluid and uncategorized for much of its existence. And until now, years after its inception, Arc 38 has not provided a wealth of clear Public Relations materials… For years now, the many different impressions individuals have made here, of people they encountered or “what they heard” has often then been repeated. Complex or historic situations have gotten re-played in the “Telephone Game” here in a unique and small town with a wide range of peopled interests— so you can imagine there are some wild exaggerations taken as truth, assumptions made & projections overlaid. More clarity exists now on what works here in this space, what is invited and what provisions we need to make to prevent violence, confusion of what freedom may mean in this context, and to otherwise effectively air all the dirty laundry everyone seems so interested in, we welcome this new age, of eventful transparency, where together we remove the dross (the gunk, filth & lies) so that we may in shared light enjoy the essence. Please allow that era to begin here!

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