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Friends and Family

So many of you have recently contributed, and I want to state now a huge THANK YOU! Also, we will be launching an official fundraising gift package crowd-sourcing style soon, and want to assure any early donors that any gifts made in this critical interim period will be recognized and rewarded as such, so please act now and give anything at all if you can!

We’re going to be rolling out some exciting initiatives including video classes from our community, shared-templates of best practices, empowerment ceremonies and a brand-new product: anti-money! Gifts will include the services of those who are entered in our Job Bank (shoot us an email if you want to have your skills listed as we attract more clients), prints of art work made here, music compilations from live music recorded here, videos generated on-site and the ability to book your own retreat or project here.

Please, again, for all those who have been here before: let us know if you are planning to come back! Keep in touch, no matter where you are or what yer up to…

Be Safe, Be Love and Be Free!

I recently sent this to folks who I have been in contact with at some point, in that non-cyber world, and now I offer it here:

Fellow Earthlings

Many of you know that just on the other side of the train line from Grand Central, in idyllic Wassaic, a community dedicated to a new future has been forming. Born from connections made through answering the call against financial corruption— we have found common ground, inspiring us forward.

We are so many things: an experiment in living culture… a farm, a retreat, a performance space, a presentation venue, a base for activation and a launching pad. It’s a place where we come together— to celebrate and teach one another. We have already served hundreds of under-financed, over-burdened, hearty warriors from all walks of life. They have dedicated hundreds of hours making this a place of infinite opportunity.

We are now at a critical moment: the central home here has just been listed for sale. If every person on this list gave $75 to a common fund— we might collectively purchase the centerpiece of our property, the old Luther family farmhouse. With the show of support of one credit-worthy individual willing to make this possible, and with pledges or gifts from as many of you as can afford to pitch in for this crucial opportunity: we can bring this whole operation to the next level. We need to be able to jump on this very soon: let’s have a discussion at your earliest convenience! Read more about this here: http://arc38.org/save-the-house/

You can also support the farm and the endeavours sought here with a modest investment to help us through the season ahead. In addition to covering our one utility cost we are seeking grant and other assistance for the barn to become a model in the Hudson Valley for energy self-reliance. Now is the time to count yourself among those who are building a sustainable future! Even if you can’t help us purchase the house, if you can support our exciting projects— please do!

Featuring a main barn with a library, kitchen and gathering space, visitors are encouraged to ‘unlearn’ so many lessons of the artificial contemporary and to be truly honest with themselves and one another. Together we enjoy a forest with tenting and cliffs, ponds and trails as well as an open valley wetlands with a healthy array of Earth’s amazing creatures.

Spring is well underway, the new greenhouse is getting play, the fields are tilled, compost spread and we are waiting for the ground to finally get warm enough to take the seed. We are learning as we go, with experts in different fields appearing left and right. Now we are asking all of you for the best practices you know to help a community run smoothly, from housekeeping to social order, from authentic communication to practical permaculture: we are looking for the cutting edge basics. Come share what you know and have learned or shoot us an email and open a line of communication, come play some music or get involved in whatever way that you can.

We have provided a basic space for community activation in the past, and we are now ready for those next steps. We encourage everyone to come and feel the energy, add to the magic that manifests in so many different forms. Everyone on this list has something to add in one way or another, and new constellations are possible through the interactions of this unique and dedicated collection of individuals.

For everyone who has read this far: thank you! I would like to let you all know right now that I respect and value you, your time, and this shared mindspace.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, I would love to hear from you, possibly be able to alert others in support of your great work, and join forces, at least energetically, from any distance.

Eco and the Community at Arc 38

PS— Let us know what you’re doing and we can add your project to this page (and the web grows, Mother Gaia smiles and embraces us all). Thank you all for all you are!

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