About ARC38

Arc 38 is a 501c3 nonprofit project situated on over 188 acres of protected wetland, agricultural property and forested hills teeming with biodiversity.  Support our current fundraiser!


Located in the beautiful Harlem Valley in Amenia, New York, we’re only 2 hours from New York city, directly adjacent to the last stop of the MetroNorth Harlem Line Train. Being within such easy access of big cities, and so close to the Appalachian Trail, has opened opportunities for many diverse people to experience our vision.

With its roots firmly grounded in activism, sustainability, agriculture, building networks, spirituality, philosophy and radical pacifism, ARC 38 strives to embody a living experiment in community building. Our experiment upholds diverse principles of many models for society developed throughout history and attempts to modernize them, creating a manner of transition to new ways of living. In doing this we hope to provide a support system to help people in need and build a model which others may use to develop other such communities all over the globe.

Our website is currently in development! In the meantime, you are very welcome to email us or message via facebook, while we develop our blog and membership portal!