2014: Notice from Secretariat

Amenia Regenerative Center

Welcome to the Ancient Future!

Arc 38 is a farm, practicing sacred hospitality and best practices for the improvement of the growing operation at the site we are currently caretaking. Please support our Rally for the Arc!

An ARC is an Autonomous Resilient Community. Each ARC will be unique to its locale and participants, but aims to be the complementary answer to what is already present given the different players in a given region. Systems maintain themselves through selective throughput (choice interactions with requisite inputs and outputs) whereby adapting to each scenario is what is required to make way for what wants to happen.

Join the conversation. Support our efforts. Schedule your visit.

Arc 38 stands as a flagship of an emergent culture in the compost-modern present, where the world’s awakening is in a race for a comprehensive evolution of our very means of production, interaction and co-existence. Promoting and ongoingly coming into improved alignment with principles of permaculture, where traditional notions of waste and profit, value and energy, all become more flexible, part of an ongoing conversation we are each having with, and as, the Universe.

Here in 2014, we are entering a new phase of existence here in Wassaic. The time has come to formalize our farming operation, prepare for an upgrade of our barns (building permit lasts through October of this year) and announce our first-ever crowdsourcing endeavour, to meet our needs as we prepare to serve a growing population of seekers and travelers, gardeners and students, retirees and those ready to participate in the post-employment economy, workshops or events, check the calendar for regional happenings or let us know announcements we could share with this community.