Why 38

Amenia Regenerative Center

In Geometry an arc is any unbroken part of the circumference of a circle or other curved line. In Electricity, it is the luminous bridge formed between the gap of two electrodes. In astronomy it is the part of a circle representing the apparent course of a heavenly body. It is also in general, anything bow-shaped. The name arc means that we strive to be an unbroken part of a whole movement, to be the energy that connects many nodes, to be the rainbow promise of new hope arching over the ark of Noah, to think forward into the future of the planet, and to be pulled taut with an arrow well aimed into that future.

The number 3 is the number of dynamic creation. It is two coming together to make and hold a third above themselves. If we are to hold our ideas above ourselves to create a more playful, abundant, and fertile world we must use the power of 3, the number of Jupiter, god of fortune, the sky and thunder.

The number 8 is the strong external and revolutionary spiral which is the supreme signature of the universe and all evolutionary systems. It is the number of Saturn, the god of agriculture, liberation, and time. It represents itself using the symbol of infinity. It is the number of electrons that noble gasses have in their valence shells. We use eight as a symbol of order, and strength.

The 38th chapter of the Tao Te Ching reads:

One of subtle universal virtue is not conscious of being virtuous,
therefore, he is truly virtuous.
One of partial virtue attempts to live up to an external standard of virtue,
therefore, he is not truly virtuous.

One of whole virtue does not need to do anything in order to be virtuous,
because virtue is the very essence of one’s true nature.
But, one of partial virtue believes that something must be done in order to prove that he is virtuous.
Thus, partial virtue becomes prevalent when people fail to follow their own true nature.

Benevolence becomes prevalent when people fail to be naturally kind.
Etiquette becomes prevalent when people fail to be righteous and considerate.
When people find no response with etiquette,
they roll up their sleeves and force others to respond to them.

When people stray from the subtle way of universal nature,
they can no longer perceive their own true nature.
Thus, they emphasize relative virtue.

When natural virtue is lost,
society depends on the doctrine of humanism.
When humanity becomes corrupted,
social and religious teachings appear and become powerful forces.
When social and religious teachings become corrupted,
what is left behind is the empty shell of superficial ceremonies and artificial etiquette.
When etiquette is emphasized,
it is because people lack the simple qualities of fairness and kindness.

This is the starting point of people of confusion.
All of these man-made, partial virtues are merely superficial flowers, a false nature.
When people begin to move away from their own true nature,
it is the beginning of hypocrisy.

Therefore, one who integrates his own individual being with the deep nature of the universe sets his heart upon the root of reality rather than the husk, and upon the nourishment of the fruit rather than the fleeting beauty of the flowers.
Truly, he cherishes what is deep within rather than what is shallow without.
Knowing this, he knows what to accept and what to reject.