Board of ARC38

Amenia Regenerative Center

Seth Henry

Landscape designer with Greenman Landscapes, Dutchess County native (grew up in nearby Pine Plains, NY) and son of lifelong pacifist Bill Henry, seen here together at a workshop weekend he co-faciltated with permaculture design teacher Andrew Faust in 2017.

Mariette Papic

Acting President of ARC38, regenerative advocate, game designer and author of “The Digital Nomad Manifesto.”

Shine (Stacey Hessler)

Author of “Cardboard & Sleeping Bads” and one of the most prominent solutionists of the #OWS and Standing Rock encampments and spontaneous communities of solidarity. She put in time at the Empathy Booths, crafted and counseled and showed up for one creative activist project, encampment and initiative after another. Her primary project supporting her veggie-powered solar paneled small mobile home: The People’s Project. Living up to the adage “A Mother’s place is in the Revolution” she is mother to Joy Wildflower, born on that same bus, on site at ARC38 in July of 2015.



Devin Irby (Eco)

Adhocracy advocate, sacred activist and Bard college graduate, Eco helped co-create the sacred space and cross-pollinate the working groups of #OWS where he formed a dread he still wears on his head. Mostly concerned with the evolution of consciousness in service of a living future, Eco has had to adapt to the conditions at hand and wear many hats, many of which have finally found new homes on adept heads together adapting to the situation at hand: Utopia meets Apocalypse. Now to apply best practices and alchemize a modular formula for interconnected nodes, as the mission here has been since before we began, with a prayer over the water Spring Equinox of 2010, in recognition of the many prayers before and since.

Tameron Josbeck


Student of Physics and alternative education, Tam is a graduate student at present in Amherst, MA. Lifelong participant in many intentional communities, Tameron brings a wealth of perspective and experience to the Board as well as a passion to construct an icosahedron of epic proportions….



Jan Shuster

Having built a tiny home in New Paltz and participating in a number of small farm projects, Jan has served on the ARC38 Board since March of 2017. Jan is presently walking the entire Appalachian Trail, passing by ARC38 later this year.