Bradass87: a look back

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Before Chelsea, and SaveChelsea, there was one serious Bradass87… (reposted from 2012)


History happening before your eyes? Wish you had the nerve and voice to bring light to the drama of Truth vs. Power taking place, as all who could blow the whistle on what evils are going on as we speak, to do more than passively watch what happens to young hero (formerly Pvt Bradley) Chelsea Manning?

Among the beautiful, brilliant and brave who emerged from Occupy Wall Street is Claire Lebowitz (Occupy Broadway and the Occupied Christmas Carol), who passes this on to our community:

Bradass87 is part journalism and all compelling theater examining the motivations of America’s most pre-eminent whistleblower, 25 year old Bradley Manning who is facing life in prison for showing us the truth about the government’s conduct overseas when he goes to trial in June in Fort Meade Maryland. The play is comprised of documentary sources including the chat logs that led to his arrest in Iraq, transcripts from his trial and quotes from Daniel Ellsberg, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Julian Assange and others. This story has enormous implications for our country’s freedom of the press and whistleblower protection and government transparency. The play has been performed in readings, partial staging and on the street in New York City at Judson Church, Dixon Place, Under St. Marks Theatre, the Yippie Café and the Culture Project. We would like to present the entire play in June to coincide with the trial directed by renowned director David Schweizer (In Masks Outrageous and Austere, And God Created Great Whales).

We are looking to raise $30,000-$50,000 to make this happen to pay actors and build a set and have sound and extensive video projections. In addition to the New York production, we are sending the script to ensemble theater companies around the country in the hopes of having multiple productions running simultaneously to educate the public about this brave individual and his watershed case. We’ve spent a decade in denial and Bradley Manning is calling us all to wake up. Please help us get his message out.

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