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Amenia Regenerative Center

Community Is A Choice

COMMUNITY IS A CHOICE. It is a process of people-making — of becoming who the world needs us to become. Community is an honoring of relatedness— of cleaning and building the connections that sustain us all. Two people can look upon the same world and see separate “things” struggling to survive, or witness an intricate…
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Solstice Reset

Ready, set, re-set. This year we are working on a reset of the land we love. For our elders who have entrusted their legacies to us, for the trees that are counting on all of us to keep this space open for them and ultimately for the generations to follow, we are giving pause, and…
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Where worlds collide – Arc 38 as a crossroad in a global community

In a rapidly globalizing world where automation and renewables  are rapidly making  carbon neutral travel a reality — cheap eco friendly travel becomes available to the masses. This shift will accelerate culture. Now, more people travel the world as a way of life than ever before — and a truly global culture, no longer reserved…
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