Community Is A Choice

COMMUNITY IS A CHOICE. It is a process of people-making — of becoming who the world needs us to become. Community is an honoring of relatedness— of cleaning and building the connections that sustain us all. Two people can look upon the same world and see separate “things” struggling to survive, or witness an intricate complex interwoven tapestry of living players, each contributing to the Whole. The choice to see ourselves as being alone or along in community is ours.

The vision of bringing young people, new energy and solutions to longstanding inertia was the original vision of an ARC, or ‘Autonomous Resilient Community’.  Bill Henry’s mission of peaceful co-existence and community building has become too much for one person to steward alone, and so we arrived to become his new infrastructure. Occupy Wall Street gave us some tools but it didn’t actually teach us how to run a farm.

Through fits and starts we realize now that applying our spirit of cooperation is all we need to do. To foster intergenerational projects, to allow Bill and others to pass the torch of peace, all we ever had to do was hold onto our belief that time and commitment would open doors. Finally, a clearing has arrived and the ARC is poised to establish a learning center based around stewardship.