Eco~Praxis, sharing the Garden of Self

Amenia Regenerative Center

Putting alternative models into practice, sharing the rules of the game and supporting one another’s endeavours. Our friends and allies are many and varied, and we support all authentic efforts, individual or institutional, which provide and attend as needed, and may continue to do so in a post-profit reality. Doing the hard practical work now, before the imperative has rendered any other option infeasible, is exactly the applied foresight we need to avert more extensive damage in the face of disaster capitalism, climate change and the expected emergency response. We are a people who have grown accustomed to picking through the ruins and radical re-purposing. When the whole world is dying, we must reverse direction, in any way we can, for as long as we can.

We are the clean-up crew, of the compost modern age. We are any who bring Light to dark matters.

No one asked to be on a healing journey. But we can make the most of our shared existence, alleviate and elevate the situations of entwined souls we find in this wondrous, confused world.

Miracles happen all the time. We can either choose to view nothing or everything as miraculous. To remember we are part of the spectacle as we gaze forth is to relish our shared Divinity.

By becoming a local node and expression of the vast wealth of human potential nurtured— we continue to grow and improve our system as we go.

None of this is new. We walk in harmony with our ancestors, and our actions have cascading impacts on those around us, and all who come after us. This community is forged in the same fires of grace under pressure that have brought about the lasting creative subcultures of our time, from Rainbow Tribe, to the principles of Burning Man, all of which echo basic indigenous practices. We are nature, and we can return forward to a more harmonious and natural way of being.

To all of our relations, through all time and the future of life on earth.