Giving Tuesday

Amenia Regenerative Center

What’s Happening @ ARC38

As you may know — against all odds, we saved the mountain! This means we also saved the oldest farmhouse in the valley. Now, we can invite you to help us foster its future.

We didn’t do it alone. Through broad support from the community, a group of generous lenders and a series of small miracles, our nonprofit saved over 150 acres of forest that is now officially Arc 38. In recent months, our federal tax exempt status has been recognized—opening up new opportunities for our community and this project that were never before possible!

Get Involved Today!
Only $38 secures a place for your voice in our Shared Vision. With membership, you have an opportunity to co~create the permaculture learning center. Membership opens the way for direct participation in the fate of this project : from recreational rentals & events to regenerative agroforestry, from unlearning & rewilding to whatever you propose. From naming trails to organizing workshops you want to happen, membership has something to offer for everyone!

We did the impossible… now is the time to do what is necessary— we want to know what you would do with such a powerful nexus point, a land at the end of the Trainbow, the beginning of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail, in the flourishing town of Wassaic~

What are YOU choosing to ReGenerate? What do you want to learn with us? Share with us on our registration form!

Hitting it big through your fantastic startup, burgeoning career, or fortunate windfall?

You may certainly support this community with your own membership due of $38, or Any multiple of $38 to support those who may not afford their own. Thank you and please – REGISTER for your membership today!

Dragon Dreaming workshop with visiting teacher ‘Permaculture Yogi’ Angie G w/ #RainbowEarthJourney
During our Design Charrette, we envisioned the cultivation of maples, hazelnuts on the property, North American Chestnuts, Pau-pau, blueberries & ginseng.

Just For Fun
Type in “Arc 38” on Google Earth and you will see our raised-bed labyrinth in the South Field, south of our barnside structures!

As our Design Plan process continues, we aim to invite proposals to connect this installation to others – an Art Trail leading from the marshes, through the Cliff Altar, and more installations leading to the top of the mountain is just one of many eco-conscious installation series we are excited to manifest with you!

We want to cooperate!

Our Board has now approved process for establishing worker-owned cooperatives run by and for Arc 38 members. Ratherthan the old “boss / employee” dichotomy, this is the format for worker-owners to


collaboratively share the fruits of their labor in a successful business. Stay tuned for our upcoming Co-Op Learning Portal with resources for all of our members who register for 2019!

Comments? Burning questions? Concerns? Let us know!
We value honesty as much as compassion, and our practice of radical honesty may not be comfortable, common or easy— but we believe that shared reality is the common ground that we can cohabit and coexist upon~

Our website is currently in development, in the meantime, you are very welcome to email us or message via facebook, while we develop our blog and membership portal! We are so grateful for all of you cocreating this vision with us.

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