Making Circles

Amenia Regenerative Center

For an overview of the process on how to play here, this page will focus on working groups or ‘Circles’ and the way that small groups can meet together and make lasting changes in our community using existing protocols and applied sociocracy. We enact the ancient future and participate in a legacy as old as cellular life when we hold a circle, where all voices are heard and perspectives respected, and from there determine together how to handle each of the “10,000 things” there are which may go from undone to complete.

ARC38 is a blend of ‘ad-hocracy’ where newcomers are invited to edit or customize the living documents we have created to guide our process and terms by which we invite engagement as a test model for decentralized authority and community of best practices. Please refer where unfamiliar with each of our primary areas of practice: permaculture, NVC, herbalism, bicycles & trails, forestry & camping, education & events or suggest a new category.

To that end, so long as the following guidelines are met, any group may convene & consense on proposals— which may then be brought to greater councils for discussion and potential implementation.

Circles held at ARC38 must be radically inclusive: ample open notice is given and all are genuinely invited to participate as set by each circle for optimal flow and team results. As responsible stewards of any component of community operations, the circle and its participants or spokesperson/s are also responsible to adapt proposals offered to the community, all feedback considered and relevant suggestions integrated.

Circles replace singular “management” with per project jurisdiction or realm of activity or physical space cared-for, curated, stewarded and otherwise bottom-lined and can with acceptance of such proposal be granted accountable responsibility and thereby primary authority over manner and priority of operations for that specified region. Where a Circle breaks with the chain of command, it may need to be reconfigured or replaced, as is part of the nature of holonic systems. Modularity, interchangeability and above-all co-operation between and within circles are the channeled wealth of applied social interaction here, where a given focus is granted enough energy for a group to ‘circle up.’ Thanks for playing, Family!