May Day Onward

Amenia Regenerative Center

In this issue:  Do YOU have the chops to build community?  We are seeking applicants for our few rooms for rent…
~ A renewed call for a few good people to step forward in a new capacity for leadership in our re-organization & revamp
~ ARC38 Advisor Tori Alexander dropped some wisdom at a mini-symposium with us last year, now onto election reform!
~ Another report from the frontlines: Eric Likhtiger shares his glimpse from the Rebellion against Extinction.
~ A note from Eco, the Nomad Professor, on Community as a Choice.
~ Some writings from Salix Roots, connecting the constellations of individual & collective wisdom, Numondo & more
~ Another selection of music from the one & only Masters in  Regenerates…

May Day! Feeling the Call? A new return to the Land…
This winter we took time to reset, recalibrate and recall our collective power. Let us reconsider what we choose to regenerate in the years ahead… For now: we are seeking a few good people to step up to hold up one of our critical torches aloft at this exciting time of transition…
Clean-Up Day this Saturday if you can sage, pray, scrub & spruce up the place with us! Please take a few minutes to fill in our Volunteer FormRelease Waiver if you are planning to attend, and RSVP. Let’s coordinate rideshares: connect our tribe who hear the howl & can move as a pack.

Reflections on ARC38 from Ambrosia alchemist, Numondo Faerie & Extinction ReBelle

“I am grateful for the Arc38 community that is paving the way forward and creating a beautiful and ecologically informed blueprint for a healthy, regenerative, and truly democratic culture to flourish in the world.” — Salix

Salix Roots is an author, herbalist & sacred activist— reminding our membership the opportunity that exists to reconnect us with Nature, to provide sanctuaries of unlearning the toxic ways and choosing anew how to BE. Aphrodite’s Medicine Chest is her new vessel for sharing her wisdom on Medium… Plants ARE Love!

She is an ongoing advisor and member to our land project, she can also be found at the forefront of thought leadership, including this recent piece on regenerative entrepreneurship

“I believe coworking in nature is the way of the future,” she writes. “Taking time in nature to recalibrate and connect with a supportive community can be deeply regenerative… Let’s transform work into play and competition into collaboration. Come and be a change maker and embark on a life-changing journey.”

Become a Member Now – Adventure Awaits @ Arc 38!

Extinction Rebellion NYC

Image result for extinction rebellion nyc rockefeller

Certainly some of you all are itching to Take Action to get in touch with and protect our planet. You can’t wait for the spring season to kick off on Earth Day: shape a future we can proudly hand off to the next generation.

We’re all Very Aware, in the wake of the Simultaneous Deep Freeze of the midwest (-40F) to the punishing Heat Wave setting Australia ablaze (102F+ sustained temperatures) There’s No More sitting down on this, and Extinction Rebellion KNOWS we are Ready to take Direct, Nonviolent Radical Action to assure Global Scale Action & Accountability to regenerate The Earth!

A global movement emanating from diverse activist & student groups in the UK, Extinction Rebellion  nover 200 and growing branches who are Uniting to get people to Snap Out Of It and realize we need to expend as much energy mobilizing folks to responsibly steward our Planet Earth, as we do in waging war across the globe in the hollow name of Special Interests and Profit. Many folks in our network are aligning with them now, especially XRNYC who successfully deployed the banner on Atlas, and human logo on the ice you see here, sourced from this article.

Enjoy these video clips from Locus Amoenus author, Fulbright lecturer Tori Alexander, who has been an Advisor to our project, shared from her talk at ARC38 this Fall: “There’s negative talk about filter bubbles… but there’s something good about having your own little niche— and your own community.”
Follow more of her work on Direct Democracy US on improving the response loop of governance, and where a right relation with technology could empower a better informed citizenry.
COMMUNITY IS A CHOICE. It is a process of people-making. Of becoming who the world needs us to become. Of honoring the relatedness— cleaning and building the connections wherever most wanted in our living circuitry. THANK YOU for choosing Community. For choosing to show up for your family, for your comrades and compatriots in the trying times ahead, where it will be incumbent on places like ours to do whatever it takes to provide spaces for future generations, and the ideas whose time has come. ~ eCo ~

For the Love of Listening….

Enjoy these 38 songs “A Heart that Smells Like Roses” music playlist on Spotify fromRegenerate Samuel Barnes. Get recharged by the power of community!

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