Nonprofit Founding

Amenia Regenerative Center

The Journey begins anew… Year after its inception, thousands of meals and nights around the campfire of community, sharing the little slice of paradise our nonprofit calls home for future generations.

After many year of perseverance , ARC38 now stands as a federally recognized nonprofit!

Years after Occupy Wall Street activists joined forces with lifelong pacifist Bill Henry, the team on the ground and our greater community filed for nonprofit recognition in New York State in 2015 on a budget that mostly consisted of hopes and dreams glued together with material donations and volunteer labor, as the 150+ acres integral to our activities previously owned by our ally Bill Henry proceeded into foreclosure.  Then, the impossible happened, and our nonprofit team was able to secure the winning bid at the foreclosure auction for this land on January 10, 2017.

Through ongoing perseverance, we officiated our federal recognition by 2018, ensuring the future of our mission in stewarding land that serves the greater public by offering environmental education and retreat space to those who may otherwise have no or limited access to open clean green space.