Phoenix Rising

Amenia Regenerative Center

Phoenix Rising

Wanted to share an experience! 

Last Wednesday, June 5th, I enjoyed a full day at Arc-38. During the day I spent a couple hours tending the blackberry patch in the front of the house, while Eco weeded mug wort from the patch of mint that grows next to the comfy in front of the house, and Wolf cut wood with the chainsaw he brought. 

     Days prior Wolf had partially mowed trail up mountain, brought his child Elijah and cleared the path up towards Sacred Grove and Cliff Alter, and replaced the hammock along the way. He also spent time sharpening community tools. 

     Anyways, after spending some time working in the midday sun, Eli, Eric, Eco, Wolf and myself walked up to Phoenix Landing with a tent and some tools.  Together we moved the two big metal stoves that weren’t being purposed out of the area of the livable camp site, set up the tent, and moved the top part of the trampoline under the metal dome (which later made for a great space to sit and rest while appreciating the impact of our effort). Eco cleared the grass in the area with a grass whip, then Eric and I spent some time picking up left items at the site to be disposed, leaving a few items that could be of use under the shelves by the fire pit in a milk crate (rope, pan, small grill grate). 

          Later that evening I returned to camp. There was a pile of wood that had fallen and been collected from the surrounding area, perfect to have a small fire. After spending an hour or two at the site, breaking up the kindling and getting a coal bed going as the sun set, Eric and Eli walked up to join, offering water and snacks.

The fire was very modest but still entranced us all, as fire always does. We enjoyed conversation over bites of apples and grateful sips of water, reflecting on the wonder of nature that we are a part of. They retreated back to the house, and Eco walked up shortly after to witness the space and the fire for a little while before also returning to the house. Sleep came quick once alone,  invited by the soft sounds and smells of the woods, paired with deep knowing of being held by the earth and fellow humans. 

       I’m filled with so much love and gratitude for the beauty and warmth of living simply and respectfully, of each other and space inhabited, and for the experience of just being in nature with kindred spirits.

      A few days later, I stopped by after work, to practice yoga and clean up the gardens in front of the house a little more. However, a groundhog had been caught and needed to be released, so we took him to a back road near water and released him.

This took up the hour or so of “flex time” I had factored into my day, and it was time to practice yoga. Eco and I walked up to Phoenix landing with a couple yoga mats (along with a snack for after) and laid them down on the top of the trampoline dome space.

Kenny and Fox walked the trails of the mountain as we practiced, their voices and laughter echoing through the trees. When they had tired exploring, and we had closed the practice, the four of us sat in a circle on the earth (with some protection from the ground by the trampoline and padding from the yoga mats), and enjoyed and shared food brought.


Sunset came too quick; we packed up and walked back down, parting ways continuing with our path for the day. I drove home feeling fuller than any feast of mere food could have offered, fueled also by conversation, fresh air, and movement.  

With Love, 

Rebecca Autumn