At Arc38 we try to actively participate in the formation of the new economy. We recognize that if distribution of resources, capital, and labor is based on a system of competition, scarcity, and isolation— society will continue to suffer. For a new economy of open exchange based on consciousness, cooperation, and community to become a reality, it would have to start locally and be organized by bioregional understanding. Agriculture is the foundation upon which our future will unfold. With a global view of world economics, we see that when you help others you help yourself.

We would like to extend one hand forward to provide support and cooperation to all that would accept our friendship. And we would also like to extend our second hand to openly receive any help that you can offer. We have a lot of plans, and our resources (though managed well) are few. Here is a list of what we can always use more of. Feel free to contact us, send packages, or bring any of these items by! We’re listed on Google Maps or you can send packages to us securely at:  ARC38 PO Box 373 Wassaic, NY 12592

Please CONTRIBUTE where possible take a look at our:  IMMEDIATE WISHLIST

Thanks for any help you can be in helping us to meet our immediate needs!