Surrounded by Greatness

ARC38 is so incredibly fortunate to be situated at the head of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail, with the NorthEast Community Center at the other end of the line, which has provided significant resources & programs for many years.

Down here in Wassaic we have local nonprofit initiatives which have positively transformed our otherwise sleepy hamlet into a mecca for arts and prayers for peace on earth. The Amenia World Peace Prayer Sanctuary holds a powerful attunement with the vertical reminders in every language: May Peace Prevail on Earth.

Ten years ago, one could hardly recognize the energetic spirit of this valley so present now from the tireless work of The Wassaic Project which has brought artists from around the world into residency here, providing Festivals

Newcomers to the valley, and already offering top notch academic offerings covering a wide range of interests, is the Olio House, just down the street from us. Also just now opening their doors, but a bit further South of us in Dover is 5HartsD who opened their doors earlier this year and will be another unique collaborative effort here in the Harlem Valley.

Expanding the circumference we find more high-caliber projects, institutes and initiatives. From science at the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies (with free science lectures and the longest standing research on climate change) to the visionary art community of COSM, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors — our region has it all. From humble unique residency opportunities like Grace Year in Millbrook to the world’s foremost alternative education facility: Omega Institute.

Good luck counting your blessings if you live up in this area— there will be far more than you can keep track of, with all these amazing groups bringing their craft and curriculum forward. Geological wonders nearby range from Stone Church of Dover (a triple waterfall through a cave) to the Appalachian Trail (with nearby Macedonia Park) to the ‘cup gardening’ of Innisfree Garden, rated one of the 10 best in the world.