Tori Alexander at ARC38

Amenia Regenerative Center

Providing an accessible overview of her scholarly work for our community on an event the day after Thanksgiving this year, local author, farmer and Victoria Alexander presented her research on Biosemiotics.

Enjoy these four short excerpts from Tori’s presentation at the ARC38 Zen Den:

• Chaos and Anarchy cannot exist for long…

• Heterarchy vs. Hierarchy

• Niches & Natural Enclosures

Transcript: “There’s negative talk about filter bubbles… Where you’re enclosed in your own little world and you’re not getting checked from outside… But there’s something good about having your own little niche— and your own community. Because you have the safety and security of testing out your ideas with each other— with people who are interested in the same thing.
Organisms have their own environment where all their food and resources are cycled and come back all the time. And that little cycle of life lives next door to this little cycle of life.
And they benefit off of each others’ byproducts and wastes, but you have these little enclosures.
We lack the enclosures. We’re all seeing the same artwork, we’re all seeing the same newscasts, we’re all reading the same things. There’s not enough of the separation.
You have this global homogeneity— everybody’s sharing the same information everywhere.
And what nature Nature does is it has these enclosures, these separate niches.”

• Hope of the Internet and the need for ‘Free Range Citizens’