Want to Afro-Punk for ARC38!

Amenia Regenerative Center

Like Festivals?  Want to volunteer and raise money directly for ARC38?! Yes, please!!

Volunteers will get a shirt to wear during the event and working wristbands for the show. 🙂

If this sounds like something you would like to engage in on our behalf— we need your commitment NOW!

The event is August 24th & 25th, with more information about the concert on their website here.


Up to 6 people can volunteer their time, picking up trash during the event.  Dress code is clean pants, jeans or shorts and closed-toed shoes. ARC38 will receive a direct check immediately after the end of the concert for $11.10 per hour per person— up to $1200 for 6 people working 2 nights!


The work shifts available are:

• from 7pm – 7am on Saturday Night

• from 5am – Noon Sunday Morning

• from 11pm – 7am on Saturday Night

You can work part of a shift or any combination. Please take a moment to send confirmation email to eco@arc38.org

ARC38 was granted this opportunity through awesome Rainbow connections via Kingdom Promotions. They ALSO are offering individuals a two week opportunity for the same kind of work at the State Fair in Syracuse NY, starting August 21 or 22nd. This event could earn up to $15-17K ($1500-$1700 per person for at least 10 people, more are possible). These checks are not immediate, but can take up to 6 weeks to get back to each individual who works these shifts.