Winter Re-Set

Amenia Regenerative Center

Winter Recess

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This winter, we reset, recalibrate and recall our collective power. Click here to read more on the biggest re-set the ARC has ever experienced from the new President of the Board.

Your hardest working member, Eric Likhtiger shares what makes ARC 38 a crossroads of culture. Hint: It’s not being an early retirement home for activists.

Need Music? We have a link to just what you need — an inspired winter playlist from Samuel Barnes at the end of the newsletter. Thank you Sam!


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Reset 001: Tech + Permaculture.

We want to hear from our members about everything they want to see in our workshops and in our outdoor classrooms. Tell us what could help you garden or farm better. From the front lawn to the back acres, help us come up with the dream list of 3D printers, temperature sensors and other open source projects that will make your organic dreams grow from the city to the country. Reach out on Facebook!

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Membership Has Its Perks. And contests.

Become an active ARC 38 member now and you become eligible to enter the Regenerate Our Logo contest! Adult members and children of members are entitled to one entry per membership. Win and you will receive bragging rights along with 38 stickers featuring your work! Visit the website for full details!

Happy to Listen.

We can’t get recharged without our community.
Enjoy this inspired offering of music on Spotify from RegenerateSamuel Barnes. 


LAUREN DI GIOIA for permission to use her drawing
and ALISSA ANTON for use of her photo via UNSPLASH.
RUBY GOLD for the header collage.